Friday, August 15, 2014

Origami Owl® Starter Kit

Hey Hoot Mamas! Happy Friday to you!  Did you have a good week?!  I feel like I got quite a bit accomplished this week, which always makes me feel good!  I’m attributing that to the fabulous weather we’ve been having!  It has been in the mid 70′s here for most of the week!  Mid 70′s….in the middle of August!  Absolute CRAZINESS!!  Rather than feeling like the “dog days of summer“, it honestly feels more like spring or maybe an early fall. We have had the windows open for the biggest part of the week & it has been absolutely wonderful!   There’s nothing better than a fresh, cool breeze blowing through the window to put an extra pep in my step! I wish it could be like this all year long! What’s the weather like in your area?  I am sure many of you are as excited as I am for Monday, August 18th.  Not only does it kick off the new Origami Owl® Fall catalogs, but it is the very first day that you can purchase one of the amazing new Origami Owl® Starter Kits with Fall products and own an Origami Owl® business of your own. 

The Origami Owl® Starter Kit is just a piece of why people get excited over this opportunity.  Potential Designers are always extremely excited about the Origami Owl business opportunity and this is the first step to take in your amazing journey!  When I joined Origami Owl in February 2013, I loved the story and the opportunity that presented itself.   I believe there are some people who are not only passionate about products they share, they are passionate about business and helping people who wouldn’t normally ever be able to have their own business live their dreams.

When you first sign up to be an Origami Owl® Independent Designer, you have the choice of ordering two different kits.   The Origami Owl® Basic Starter Kit is anything but basic!  It has all the jewelry, tools and supplies you'll need to get your Origami Owl business going.  It holds something that's even more important, the confidence that you can make a difference.  You just need to pick a date for your Jewelry Bar Launch, invite your guests and start reaching for your dreams!  The Origami Owl®  Basic Business Packages is a great option for those that want to test out the products.  It comes with over $660 worth of Origami Owl® supplies for only $149. This kit is perfect for Designers who are on a budget but still want to get started as soon as possible.  I personally chose to order the $149 kit.  First, I felt it was a low risk investment.  I could easily earn back the expense of my kit with just a few orders.  Secondly, I felt that I could always add more items to my inventory once I got a feel for what my customers liked and what was popular. 

The Origami Owl® Deluxe Starter Kit contains everything from the Origami Owl® Business Basics Starter Kit, plus additional jewelry and business supplies.  Your friends and family will have more ways to tell their stories!  The $399 kit is the 10-Person Party Package. The kit has inventory and supplies for two parties. The kit includes business supplies, 4 lockets, 96 charms and much more. This has everything you need to get started. If your budget allows, I would highly recommend this kit when you finally sign up.  Which kit you buy is entirely up to you. Both kits are an amazing value and essential in successfully kicking off your business. 

The Origami Owl® Business opportunity is something that I love sharing with people and I am happy to answer any questions that you have.  Are you ready to get started? Join my Origami Owl® Team The Hoot Mamas and be a part of something amazing! JOIN HERE! 

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