Monday, August 25, 2014

Instagram Tips for your Origami Owl® Business

Hello Hoot Mamas!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I know it's been a few weeks since the Origami Owl® National Convention but I am still floating on cloud 9 from all of the excitement.  SO excited for this Fall and can not wait to share everything with all of you!  You all know how much I love Social Media and sharing my knowledge with all of you so I couldn't wait to talk with you today about my latest obsession...Instagram.  I feel like using Instagram for your Origami Owl® business has really taken off recently and I couldn't wait to share a few tips that I have learned recently to help you use Instagram and apply it to your own Origami Owl® business.

Instagram is an amazing visual social media platform that allows users to connect equally.  It levels the playing field to allow everyone an equal opportunity to connect with others through their pictures.  The MAIN reason I love Instagram so much is your followers can view all of your photos all of the time without the issues of a social media algorithm dictating your reach and limiting the pictures that are shown in your followers feeds. 

Tips for Using Instagram for your Origami Owl® Business

  • Share only positive and Origami Owl® compliant images.  Always be sure when posting a photo that you are mindful of any rules that you could be breaking with Origami Owl's P&P and, of course, always keep things positive!

  • Mix it Up: Share entertaining and attractive images of your daily life along with product images which keeps your feeds engaging and relatable.  Even though you may have set up an Instagram account with the sole purpose of selling lockets, you do not want to only post lockets all day, every day.  Your followers will start to tune you out or unfollow you all together.

  • Share your Excitement: If you followed my Origami Owl® National Convention journey on Instagram, I am sure you could just feel my excitement and passion leaping out at you through the screen of your smart phone.  Excitement breeds excitement!! 

  • Tag another Instagram User:  Tagging others on Instagram is a great way to promote another user or encourage engagement on your account.  For example, you can congratulate one of your top leaders who earned a promotion through Origami Owl® and tag them by using the @ symbol.  Not only does this invite engagement, but it will also bring attention to your leader's Instagram account as well. 

  • Use Hashtags:  Adding hashtags to your photos is a great way to find new followers and share your photos with more people.   A hashtag is a symbol that allows web search engines to find and categorize messages, keywords and in the case of Instagram, photos.  When you use them on social media like Instagram, you can search on them and see who else is using the same hashtag.  Using hashtags is also a great way to brand yourself on Instagram.  I always use that hashtag #hootmamalockets on every photo that relates to Origami Owl® to group all of my business related photos together.  If a user were to click on that hashtag, they would find every photo related to my business. 

  • Optimize your profile: Your Instagram profile says a lot about you so make it a good one!  This is where potential followers will determine whether or not you have enough in common or that you portray a certain quality that will make someone want to follow your account.  Try not to be too specific when writing your profile as you will want to attract a large pool of users not related to just one area of your life.  

  • Engage with your Followers - I click on every user who likes my photos.  Follow them back and engage with them.  If you can, stay active in their feed through your own likes and comments.

  • Cross-promote - Post your Instagram photo on Facebook or Twitter with a catchy phrase to entice readers to click over.  A great tip is to also use the same Instagram name as your Twitter handle for easy brand recognition.

  • Connect your Facebook and Twitter Accounts to your Instagram Account:
First, open the Instagram app on your phone or mobile device. Click on the Profile incon and then click on the settings gear.

Once in your settings, click on the "Share Settings" option. 

Then select your Facebook account and grant Instagram access by signing in.  I have my Instagram pointed to my Origami Owl® Facebook fan page, not my personal page.  That is a personal preference, you can choose whichever option is best for you!  Now repeat this process for Twitter.

Every time you now share a photo, you have the option to share with your fans on Facebook or Twitter by selecting one or both of the buttons below before hitting "Share".
  • Find people to follow:  Connect with your current network of friends and family by following them through the "Find People to Follow" feature.  Instagram makes it easy to connect with anyone who you are friends with on Facebook or your friends through their email stored in your smart phone address book.  Simply go to Profile and then Settings again as you did in the step above and select the "Find People to Follow" option at the top. 
First click on "Find Friends on Facebook" and either follow each person individually or select 'Follow All'.  Go back and now do this with your Contacts.  This is a great way to connect with your already established network of friends, they will now know you are Instagram and follow back.
Are you on Instagram?  I would love to connect with you!  Please follow my Origami Owl® account @HootMamaLockets or my personal account @KarenAtHomeBlog. 

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