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Creating An Origami Owl® FRANKS Contact List

Hey Y’all!  Happy Monday!!  I hope you all had a blessed Easter Weekend with your families.  It’s hard to believe we are already kicking off another week!  I don’t know about you all, but it seems like time has been flying by lately. I’m sure that is just a direct correlation with how busy we have been in recent weeks. 

I am still bursting with excitement over the amazing March that Team Hoot Mamas just celebrated.  Together Team Hoot Mamas added 55 new team members and celebrated 12 promotions!  I love these ladies so much, they are so passionate about sharing the Origami Owl® love and being a Force For Good®!  So blessed to say that I also celebrated my own promotion in March to Executive Team Leader!!!  It was an amazing month and I could not be more excited for the future of Team Hoot Mamas.

I hope you are all enjoying my Blogging Series on 'How to Have a Strong Start'.  It is SO important as a new Origami Owl® Designer to start your business off STRONG and I am here to help lead the way!!!  If you are new to Hoot Mama Lockets Blog and want to check out the other posts in this Blogging Series, please click on the links below for even more tips on 'How to Have a Strong Start'.
Today we are going to chat about creating a FRANKS Contact List.  You are probably asking at this point, who is FRANK?  LOL!  Here is where this fun term comes from:

(F)riends or Facebook
(A)cquaintances or Activities

It's very important when creating your FRANKS List to go in with a positive attitude and open mind. Remember that you are presenting someone with an amazing opportunity!!!  The gift of buying an amazing product, earning free products or the gift of time and financial freedom.  More importantly, never pre-judge!  Some one that you omitted from your list could end up on someone else's list and end up as their customer, hostess or new team member.  If you think they are an amazing person, someone else does too!  You just never know how people will react, or who they could lead you too.  You also want to remember that your FRANKS contact list is your greatest asset when starting your business.  Keep in mind too that as your business grows and evolves, so will your FRANKS List.

Creating a FRANKS Contact List is simple, you just write down names of people you associate with in each of these categories.   Keep your list long, it will feel so much better when you receive your first few no's knowing that you have so many more people to talk to about this amazing opportunity.

FRIENDS - Ask yourself, which of my friends would be interested in hearing more about Origami Owl®?  Don't forget to look through your Facebook friends, cell phone contacts, email contacts or your LinkedIn contacts ~ there may be some people there that you still count as friends but you haven't spoken to in awhile.  All of those high school friends and old sorority sisters that you haven't connected with in years, what a great reason to reconnect and let them know what is new with you!!!  Just be sure not to bombard your online contacts with status updates and impersonal messages that are perceived as spam about your Origami Owl® business.   This not an effective way to utilize social media and it will only turn them off.

RELATIVES - Do you have any relatives, local or out of town who may be interested?  Don't forget to include your spouse's relatives too when building your list.

ACTIVITIES - Are there people I have met in activities that I participate in who may enjoy hearing about Origami Owl® or looking for a career change?  Think about your community organizations, church and other social groups.

NEIGHBORS - Your neighborhood is a great place to start sharing the Origami Owl® love.  Pass out your catalogs or flyers letting them know that they have a new Origami Owl® Designer in their neighborhood.  It's also a great way to connect with a new neighbor that may have just moved in looking to meet other neighbors.  Share with her the possibility of having an Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar and invite the neighbor hood over for a girls night out. 

KIDS - If you have kids, I am sure you have met other parents through their activities, daycare, Mom's groups and play groups.  I personally have met a lot of parents and teachers through my daughter's preschool and have turned into the "go-to" mom for Origami Owl® orders.  It's been such a amazing opportunity and I love it!  I make sure I wear my locket for pick ups and drops off and always carry my business bag that has Origami Owl® embroidered on it.  Everyone at my daughter's preschool knows that I am the Locket Lady!

When compiling your FRANKS Contact List, it is important to use Memory Joggers to get you started.  Here are a few examples of memory joggers: Babysitter, Banker, Bridesmaid, Dentist, Doctor, Sorority Friend, BFF, Teacher, Gym, Co-Worker, Sister, Realtor, Unemployed, Stay At Home Mom, People Person, Popular, Needs More Money, Best Dressed, Strong Influence, Service Industry Worker, Enthusiastic.  These are just a few sample memory jogger terms or adjectives to use when thinking of those individuals who would be amazing assets to your FRANKS Contact List.

As you create your list, remember to keep an open mind and do not pre-judge!!  You never know what someone else is going through, what their dreams are or what their current financial situation is.  You could be providing them with an amazing gift and they will be forever thankful for the opportunity.  Sometimes people just need an idea presented to them, they may have never realized that what they had been searching for all this time was right in front of them.  All they need is for you to ASK!

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