Monday, March 31, 2014

Origami Owl® New Designer Checklist

Hey Hoot Mamas!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed some time with your friends and family.  My husband and I are actually planned a rare date night which I am was really looking forward to!!!  Not even a snow storm could keep us from heading out.  I am so excited with the feedback I have received so far from my team members, Origami Owl® Designers and from awesome ladies looking into the possibility of becoming an Origami Owl® Designer. I definitely feel like we can all agree that having a Strong Start with your Origami Owl® business is so important!  Today I am going to share with you the Origami Owl® New Designer Check List that I created exclusively for Team Hoot Mamas.  
I always receive questions from my new team members asking what they can do to prepare their Origami Owl® business before their kit arrives and refer them to the Team Hoot Mama New Designer Check List.   I teach my team to focus on the basics of the business: Prospecting, Booking, Recruiting and Marketing.  This comprehensive list will prepare the Team Hoot Mama Designers how to begin focusing on the basics which will set up for a strong foundation to build a life long career with Origami Owl®.

  • Set up an appointment with your mentor to go over the back office.
  • Take a few minutes to look over the back office yourself, primarily focusing on the Document Library in the lounge.
  • Set up a Business Email.
  • Record professional voicemail on your cell phone.  You are a business woman now and you want everything you do or say to be professional!  Also, if someone calls that is not aware of your business, this is an extra little bonus of marketing your business.
  • Send an email, text message and Facebook message letting everyone know about your new business and how you would love their support.
  • Set up a Business Checking Account.
  • Sign up for Credit Card Reader.
  • Place Labels on catalogs and order forms with your contact information.  I send to my front line team members 4 templates of labels with instructions on how to use them. 
  • Prospecting is simply the process of finding potential customers, hostesses, referrals and recruits and building your relationship with them in regards to your Origami Owl® business. The best way to prospect is to...
  • Create a list of Contacts using Origami Owl®'s FRANKS system. 
  • Add Contacts to your O2 Connection Newsletter.
  • Prepare for your Jewelry Bar display.
  • Contact potential hostess to set up your first 3-4 Jewelry Bars.
  • Create Hostess Packets
  • Create Recruiting and "Think About It" packets.  You will need to create recruiting packets and Think About It Packets to give to potential recruits, always hand these on hand or in your purse, you just never know where your next recruit will come from!
  • Market your new Origami Owl® business.  Like any business, your new Origami Owl® business needs Marketing to be successful.  Marketing is simply the collection of daily activities you perform to be sure that people know about your business. 
  • Utilize Social Media by creating a Facebook Fan page, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter account to help get the word out about your new Origami Owl® business.
The Team Hoot Mama Start Strong program emphasizes consistent and intentional daily activity.   By following the Team Hoot Mama Start Strong Program, you will build a business that is simple, successful, and easy to duplicate on a daily basis.  Your excitement coupled with Team Hoot Mamas support and training, and Origami Owl's® beautiful products, add up to the potential of unlimited success! 

I hope you enjoyed learning about the Origami Owl® New Designer Checklist, my second post in my Hoot Mama Lockets Blogging Series: How to Have a Strong Start with Origami Owl®.  Please check back next week for Week 3 where we will be discussing Creating Your Origami Owl FRANKS Contact List.

Have a great week!


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