Saturday, March 22, 2014

Origami Owl® Mother Daughter Team

Hey Hoot Mamas!! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and are spending your evening doing the things you love with the ones that you love! We are enjoying a low-key weekend accomplishing a few things around the house and watching the March Madness tournament.  Anyone else's bracket blown up yet?  Mine is barely hanging on, but nevertheless, I love watching all of the upsets and Cinderella stories.  It's such a fun time of the year for our family, we really get into the games.  It's also another sign that Spring is just around the corner which is even more exciting!!  I wanted to talk to you today about Origami Owl® Mother Daughter Teams.  A Mother Daughter Team is something extremely unique not only to Origami Owl® but to the Direct Selling Industry.  Origami Owl® founder, Bella Weems, started the company when she was only fourteen years old, all because she wanted a new car.  Bella's dream came true with the help of her Mother, Chrissy ~ the original Origami Owl® Mother Daughter team.

As early as age 12, an individual can join Origami Owl® with one of their parents or legal guardians to become a Mother Daughter team.  The process is simple, the parent signs up as an Origami Owl® Independent Designer and then a Legal Guardianship Form is submitted to add the younger daughter and then they become an Origami Owl® Independent Designer on a Mother Daughter team.

Now while we mention Mothers and Daughters, there are even some Sons and Fathers involved!  Many men see the value of the business itself and can also become a valuable part of Origami Owl®.

From the age of 12 to 17, our Origami Owl® Independent Designers are known as Owlettes.  These special designers get to participate in the Owlette Ambassadors Club.  The group is made up of amazing young women and men who's primary focus is to be a Force For Good®.  These members lead by example where they live and are the future leaders of Origami Owl®.

I am so blessed to have several Mother Daughter teams as members of Team Hoot Mamas.  Have any questions about joining as an Origami Owl® Mother Daughter team?  I would love to answer any questions that you may have or I can get you in contact with one of my Mother Daughter teams who would be happy to answer your questions. 

Please contact me at to learn more.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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