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Origami Owl® Enrollment Process

Origami Owl® Enrollment Process

Hey Hoot Mamas!!!  Happy St. Patty's Day to you all... and a big Happy Spring Catalog Launch day!  Can I get a woohoo?  So much to be excited about today!  I seriously think I did a little happy dance in my office today while I was logging on to my computer.  Who wouldn't be excited about the new Origami Owl® Spring catalog that launched today?  Origami Owl® certainly makes life fun and exciting for us!  I seriously love my job and sometimes just have to pinch myself sometimes that I get to inspire people on a daily basis while wearing beautiful jewelry.  Anyway,  I hope you all I had a wonderful weekend and ready to hit the ground running this work week as I am. 

Sometimes just getting started can be the toughest part of any business.  That is why I am so excited to kick off the first post in my Hoot Mama Lockets Blogging Series: How to Have a Strong Start with Origami Owl® help you have a strong start with Origami Owl®. 

First of all, let me congratulate you on taking the first steps in becoming an Origami Owl® Independent Designer.  This step in the process can bet both scary and exciting!!!  You are about to take that leap of faith and probably looking for a little direction on where to begin.  I am here to help you every step of the way!  If you are at this point in the process and still looking for a mentor, I would love to answer any questions that you may have.  I train my team members the importance of having a Strong Start in their Origami Owl® business and would love to help you have a Strong Start as well.  Please contact me at, I am happy to chat with you anytime!

Today I am going to walk you through a step by step tutorial of the Origami Owl® enrollment process.  The example I am using below is if you were to actually join my amazing team, The Hoot Mamas.  It's the very first step to a very long and fulfilling career with Origami Owl®.  To choose me as your Origami Owl® mentor and join my team, simply click here to get started.

The Origami Owl® enrollment process is very quick and easy!  There are only two screens and only takes about 8 minutes to complete. 

To begin, go to my website and click on the 'Join' link in the upper right hand corner.

This will bring you to the first step in the enrollment process.  Confirm that the Name and Designer ID of the Mentor you wish to sign up with is on the upper right hand corner of the enrollment screen, in this case, me:)  This ensures that you will be joining myself and the Hoot Mamas.  If you have the wrong Designer listed, click on the edit button next to the Designer name to change the information to the correct one.

You will see a thorough description of the Origami Owl® Starter Kit and all of the amazing jewelry included in this kit.  At this time, there is only one Starter Kit to choose from.  The price of the Starter Kit is $149 which actually includes $550 in Retail Items which is an amazing deal in getting your business started.  Go ahead and click on the 'Continue' button.

You will then be brought to a screen to fill out all of your information.  Please note that only one email can be registered per kit.  Also, an address verification flag may pop up.  Please double check your address and proceed.  This is only a soft error and you should be able to get past once you confirm the address is correct.  My address does not pass the address verification process either so please do not be concerned when this happens.

At the bottom of the Designer Enrollment form you will come to a section where you are to choose your Replicated Website URL.   This is an important step in the process and there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a website name.  I decided on my business name Hoot Mama Lockets before I joined Origami Owl because I wanted to build brand consistency with the marketing and social media aspects of my business.  My email, Instagram, Pinterest and Hoot Mama Lockets blog all reflect my business name which helps your customers, hostesses and potential team members to remember you.  When the time comes to choose your Replicated Website URL, pick one that best reflects you and can easily be remembered.  Keep it simple!

Next, you will need to answer the question 'How Did You Hear About Us' and then also click on the little box that you have agreed to the terms and conditions.  I highly encourage you to click on the Policies and Procedures and read through them.  As Independent Designers, we are personally responsible for knowing and understanding these important guidelines. 

The last step in the enrollment process is the payment for your kit.  You will notice the Total includes Shipping and Tax.  The tax amount is calculated on the full retail value of the kit.  The reason why this is, is because you then will pass the tax along to your customer when you charge them the full retail price of the jewelry.  Once you complete the payment process, go ahead and click on the 'Process Enrollment' button.  Do a little happy dance and contact your mentor to share the good news!!  It's time to get excited, you are officially an Origami Owl® Independent Designer!!

Once you click on the 'Process Enrollment' button, you will receive a confirmation number on your screen and your Designer ID.   You will also receive a confirmation email with your Designer ID and your log in password.  You can log into your replicated website, or affectionately referred to as the 'Back Office', immediately once you receive your confirmation email with your password.  Go ahead and share your new business with everyone you know!  You will immediately be able to take orders, and even set up your Jewelry Bars in your Back Office, even before your kit arrives.  Your Started Kit should arrive in 2-4 about business days.  You will also receive an additional email requesting additional information to enroll you in the commission payment process.

At the same time, your mentor or myself in this case, will receive a confirmation number as well letting me know that I have a new Designer joining my team. 

To log into your Back Office for the first time, go to your newly created Replicated Website URL. Click on the 'Sign Into Account'.

Enter in your Designer ID and Password provided by the Confirmation email you just received.  Once you are in your back office, start looking around at the different screen.  Set aside some time to go over the training webinars and files to familiarize yourself with the system before your kit arrives.  If you join my team, I will be sending you a welcome email full of training documents and things to consider to provide you with a strong start as a new Origami Owl® Independent Designer!!

I hope you enjoyed learning about the Origami Owl® Enrollment Process, my first post in my Hoot Mama Lockets Blogging Series: How to Have a Strong Start with Origami Owl®.  Please check back next week for Week 2 where we will be discussing Origami Owl® New Designer Checklist.

Have a great week!

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