Friday, February 28, 2014

Congratulations Christie Huck ~ The Newest Hoot Mama and Origami Owl® Team Leader!!!

Hey Y’all!  Happy Friday!!   Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?!  I have a fun Origami Owl®vendor event planned at our local church, however, other than that, we are just trying to keep warm and get through the rest of this crazy Winter. 

Origami Owl® would not have been possible if I didn't ask others to join this journey with me.  Team Hoot Mama is comprised of some of the most fabulous and hard-working women I've ever met.  It's truly an honor to lead these women and to call so many of them my friends. 

As I mentioned in my last post, my two primary goals of 2014 were for my team would be to help them Grow into Leadership and also to teach them everything I can about Social Media.  I am so excited to announce that this Spring the Team Hoot Mamas Team Leaders  will be participating in a Rising S.T.A.R program:


S - Supporting and Motivating Your Team
T - Training Your Team for Success

A - Acknowledging Your Team
R - Recognizing Your Teams' Achievements

This leadership program is only available through Team Hoot Mamas and will be a key component in taking your business to the next level. 

Today I would like to introduce you to the newest Team Leader of Origami Owl® and Team Hoot Mama ~ Christie Huck!

Christie has done an amazing job in planning numerous fundraiser's for large animal and dog shelters and has given back so much through her Origami Owl® business.   Christie is my Fundraising guru and I appreciate everything she has done to provide the Hoot Mama's with her insight and expertise on Fundraising.  Christie has a true heart of gold and a true Force For Good®,  it is a pleasure having her as a part of the team!

Aloha! My name is Christie Huck,  I live in Goodyear, Arizona and have been with Origami Owl® since September 2013.   And it's been amazing!  It's kinda funny really because the opportunity just sort of fell in my lap one day. I was browsing around on Pinterest and I happened to see a Cincinnati Bengals themed locket. I was instantly hooked. Looking for more, I came across Karen's blog, contacted her and signed up. And I'm so glad I did. In just 4 short months, I have promoted twice and am now a Team Leader. I am so thankful for this opportunity!!  Because of Origami Owl®, I am able to stay at home with my kids, Nathan who is six and Hailey who just turned one! My next goal is to bring my husband home from his career that keeps him away for long hours of the day and I know Origami Owl® will get me there!

In my personal life, I enjoy the beach and all things related to the ocean. In trying to be a force for good, I enjoy hosting fundraisers for animal rescue groups. I believe that protecting our environment and all of its inhabitants is extremely important. In my previous life, I was a branch manager for a financial services company for 11 years so I have quite a bit of experience in supporting a team and encouraging personal and professional growth. I named my team "Team Fearless" to serve as as reminder to my Designers that you should never be afraid to put yourself out there. Be Fearless and see all of the wonderful opportunities that will come your way. My goal for my team is to provide them with the knowledge, resources and encouragement they need to be just as successful (or even more) as I have been! By helping others succeed, I am able to grow with them! And that is very rewarding. I hope you will join us! Mahalo!

Please feel free to email me at to learn more about this amazing opportunity!

Want to follow Christie's journey as an Origami Owl® Independent Designer?  Connect on Facebook or visit her Website.

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