Saturday, November 8, 2014

Choosing An Origami Owl Mentor

Hey Hoot Mamas!  I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!  Halloween has come and gone, and November is setting in.  You know what that means....we begin to think about who is hosting Thanksgiving Dinner and preparing for the first snow flakes to Fall.  It also means the official start of the biggest shopping season of the year and spending money.  Wouldn't you love to have a few extra dollars this holiday season to makes things easier?  Consider joining Origami Owl with a Holly Jolly Box of Happy as a fun and exciting way to earn some extra money this year!  Sounds amazing, doesn't it?  Before you do just that, you will need to think about Choosing An Origami Owl® Mentor.  Choosing a mentor is an important part of your success with Origami Owl® or with any Direct Sales company.  Choosing a mentor that will guide you through the initial start-up of your business and offer support long term is a key to your success and you have the option to choose right the first time. You want to choose someone you connect with, who you can talk to. Someone who is involved with their business on a full-time basis and is available to you when you need questions answered.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Join Origami Owl®

Happy Friday Hoot Mamas!  I hope you all had a fabulous week filled with the many blessings of faith, family and fun.  As I try to get my house back in order today from a crazy week of kids activities and watch the leaves slowly start to change colors, I find myself reflecting on the up coming holidays and the many blessings that filled my life this year and know that it would not had been possible without the gift of Origami Owl® that I gave myself two Christmases ago.  Join Origami Owl® and starting my own business has been an amazing journey and I now see and know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord placed this opportunity in our lives at the right time.  

Monday, September 22, 2014

Congratulations Kathy Bommarito and Karen Rideout ~ The Newest Hoot Mama and Origami Owl® Team Leaders!!!

Hey Hoot Mamas!!  Happy Monday to you all!  I hope you guys had a great weekend!!

Team Hoot Mamas just celebrated it's 20th Team Leader promotion in August and I couldn't be more proud. What an amazing group of intelligent ladies that have joined me on this journey!   We truly are Building Dreams One Locket at a Time!

I am so excited to introduce to you today Kathy Bommarito and Karen Rideout,  two new Team Leaders on my amazing Hoot Mamas team.  Origami Owl® would not have been possible if I didn't ask others to join this journey with me.  Team Hoot Mama is comprised of some of the most fabulous and hard-working women I've ever met.  It's truly an honor to lead these women and to call so many of them my friends! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Origami Owl® National Convention ~ Hoot Mamas in Phoenix Video Recap

I loved every moment of the Origami Owl® National Convention and experiencing those special moments with my team. I am blown away by the incredible group of intelligent women that have joined me in this business.  They have truly changed my life permanently. It’s so inspiring for me to watch my team use this opportunity to get them to where they want to be. There is endless support and I love how we have come together as a sisterhood.  It warms my heart to see how much we care for each other and hope for each other’s success.  I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did putting it together.  If you are thinking of joining Origami Owl®, I would love to talk with you more about my experience and the true sisterhood of Team Hoot Mamas.  
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Instagram Tips for your Origami Owl® Business

Hello Hoot Mamas!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I know it's been a few weeks since the Origami Owl® National Convention but I am still floating on cloud 9 from all of the excitement.  SO excited for this Fall and can not wait to share everything with all of you!  You all know how much I love Social Media and sharing my knowledge with all of you so I couldn't wait to talk with you today about my latest obsession...Instagram.  I feel like using Instagram for your Origami Owl® business has really taken off recently and I couldn't wait to share a few tips that I have learned recently to help you use Instagram and apply it to your own Origami Owl® business.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Origami Owl® Starter Kit

Hey Hoot Mamas! Happy Friday to you!  Did you have a good week?!  I feel like I got quite a bit accomplished this week, which always makes me feel good!  I’m attributing that to the fabulous weather we’ve been having!  It has been in the mid 70′s here for most of the week!  Mid 70′s….in the middle of August!  Absolute CRAZINESS!!  Rather than feeling like the “dog days of summer“, it honestly feels more like spring or maybe an early fall. We have had the windows open for the biggest part of the week & it has been absolutely wonderful!   There’s nothing better than a fresh, cool breeze blowing through the window to put an extra pep in my step! I wish it could be like this all year long! What’s the weather like in your area?  I am sure many of you are as excited as I am for Monday, August 18th.  Not only does it kick off the new Origami Owl® Fall catalogs, but it is the very first day that you can purchase one of the amazing new Origami Owl® Starter Kits with Fall products and own an Origami Owl® business of your own. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Origami Owl® Opportunity Call

Hey there Hoot Mamas, I hope you are all having an amazing week!  I know I am getting ready for the new amazing Fall catalog launching on Monday, August 18th.  I am just bursting with excitement, it is truly going to be an awesome Fall and I just can not wait to get started!  I know my Hoot Mamas are chomping at the bit too just waiting to hit the ground running on Monday.  We are all so excited and looking forward to sharing our love of Origami Owl® with all of our friends and family, I know you all are just going to love it too!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Origami Owl® National Convention

Hey Hoot Mamas!  I hope you are all having an amazing week!  I can not believe that the 2014  Origami Owl® National Convention is almost here.  That is right, I officially fly out tomorrow morning for the most anticipated Origami Owl® event of the year!  The Origami Owl® National Convention is three exciting days of training, special announcements, lots of dance parties, product reveals and tons of owl sister love.   I am so excited to celebrate with my Hoot Mamas the amazing year we had and to me so many of them for the first time!!  I wish all of my Hoot Mamas could celebrate with us, but for those who can not, I have something almost as good...  Follow me on Instagram for all of the exciting updates!!  I have created a new Instagram Account for my Origami Owl® business with the user name hootmamalockets and plan on using the hash tag #hootmamasinphoenix.  I would love it if you would follow me along on my 2014 National Convention journey, it's the hottest event of the year and you won't want to miss it!

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Hoot Mamas in Phoenix!!

Hey Hoot Mamas!  I hope you are all having an amazing week!  I am so excited that the 2014 Origami Owl®National Convention is ALMOST here.  That is right, I officially fly out tomorrow morning for the most anticipated Origami Owl® event of the year!  The Origami Owl® National Convention is three exciting days of training, special announcements, lots of dance parties, product reveals and tons of owl sister love.   I am so excited to celebrate with my Hoot Mamas the amazing year we had and to me so many of them for the first time!!  I wish all of my Hoot Mamas could celebrate with us, but for those who can not, I have something almost as good...  Follow me on Instagram for all of the exciting updates!!  I have created a new Instagram Account with the user name hootmamalockets and plan on using the hash tag #hootmamasinphoenix.  I would love it if you would follow me along on my 2014 National Convention journey, it's the hottest event of the year and you won't want to miss it!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How to Create a Facebook Group for your Origami Owl® Business

Hey there Hoot Mamas!  Hope you’re having an awesome day! I’m super excited about today’s blog post,  we are kicking off my three part series all about the benefits of utilizing Origami Owl® Facebook Groups and how they can benefit your Origami Owl® business. With Facebook's diminishing Fan page reach, it's time to rethink about how we market our Origami Owl business to friends, hostesses, customers and potential team members.   For example, if you have 1,000 Facebook likes on your Origami Owl® fan page, only about 10%-20% of those fans will even see your posts!  While organic reach has long been declining, it has significantly declined since the Fall of 2013.   Facebook is moving more and more towards users paying to promote their Fan Page.  As an Origami Owl® Designer direct seller, this is against policies and procedures.   Does this mean we need to step away from using Facebook Fan pages?  No, but it is time to start thinking differently about the way we use Facebook to engage our customers in our business.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Origami Owl® Facebook Group

Hey Hoot Mamas! Happy Tuesday! 

I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Summer weather.  We can finally say it's....Pool weather!!!  As I type this post, I am looking out my home office window and just taking in all of the beautiful sunshine and listening to the neighborhood kids play baseball. Summer time is just another reminder of the many blessings that my Origami Owl® business provides me, the opportunity to be able to stay home with my children and enjoy a relaxing and stress free Summer with my family.  It just does not get any better than this!!  I wanted to stop by today and take a minute to share my latest Blogging Project.  I just couldn't wait to share it with you all!  Starting Monday, June 23rd, I will be hosting a 3 Week Blogging Series all about the benefits of utilizing Origami Owl® Facebook Groups and how they can benefit your Origami Owl® business.  How awesome is that?  I hope you are all looking forward to taking your Origami Owl® business to the next level and learn a few Origami Owl® Social Media Tips along the way. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Origami Owl® Business Tips

Hey Hoot Mamas!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Ours was mostly relaxing with a Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar thrown in the middle on Saturday.  It was actually a little on the cool side for June so we mostly spent our time inside doing a little Spring Cleaning and Organizing.  I couldn't wait to share with all of you today one of the best Origami Owl® Business Tips I have yet to receive for my business.  It has literally changed my life and how I run my business.

As a Stay At Home Mom of a 2 year old boy and a 4 year old girl, I dreaded the task of taking my two little ones to the Post Office.  Standing in that long line and keeping my kids still was like herding cats into a box.  My son would stand next to me for about two minutes and then run off while my daughter struck up a conversation with the old lady five people in front of us.  I was literally out of breath and red with embarrassment by the time we got back into the car!  Kids can certainly humble you, don't they? 

A few months ago, I was told by one of my leaders about this amazing gadget called a Postage Scale and that you never have to go to the Post Office again.  Wait, what?  Sign me up!!!  When I heard about this, I ordered one immediately!  And it was everything that I had ever dreamed... I could mail Origami Owl® Lockets, Origami Owl® Charms, Hostess Packets, Recruiting Packets, Hoot Mama Incentive winners and Take Out Menus® all from the privacy of my own home.  It's like having a Post Office right inside Hoot Mama Lockets Headquarters!

Here is what you need to transform your Work At Home Office into a Post Office:

1. Dymo Postage Scale.
2. Avery Internet Shipping Labels.
3. Pay Pal Ship Now Account.
4. Scotch Bubble Mailers.
5. Catalog Envelopes

Using the Postage Scale is so easy!  Here is what you do:

1. Pull together your package to be mailed and weigh it with your Postage Scale.

2. Go to the PayPal link.  If it does not automatically bring you to the 'Ship Now' portal, you will have to key to get you there.

3. In the Address Information section, fill out your customers address and your email so you have a record of your shipment and purchase. 

4. In the Shipment Information section, there will be two drop downs you will need to select from.  I always choose First Class Mail Parcel 2-5 Days and Package/Thick Envelope.  You can certainly change these options depending on what you are shipping, however, this is what I use most of the time.

5. Fill out the weight of your package, the second boxes is the ounces which is what you will mostly use.

6. Click on Continue.  It will bring up a screen with your postage rate.  Then click on Print Label.  Another Pop-Up window will show asking you if you want to print a sample label.  I printed a sample label with my first couple of packages as I was getting used to the process and to see how my printer worked with this system.

7. Print your label!  I have to cut mine out of the Avery label sheet.  Peel and stick.

8. Do a happy dance to your mailbox knowing that you do not have to drag the kids to the Post Office.

Here are several Team Hoot Mama Incentives being mailed out to a few rock star team members who earned Level 1 of the Hoot Mama Strong Start program.  All from the comfort of my own kids happily playing inside. 

I can practically hear all of the Work At Home Mom's rejoicing as they read this.  Have you received a Work At Home Mom Business tip that has literally changed your life?  Please share in the comments below, I can not wait to hear more amazing business tips!

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Congratulations Kelly Ayers, Jaci Atherton and Jamie Hodge ~ The Newest Hoot Mama and Origami Owl® Team Leaders!!!

Hey Hoot Mamas!!  Happy Friday to you all!  I hope you guys are having a great week!!

We have been super busy, my daughter Jillian participated in her very first dance recital this past weekend.  She looked absolutely adorable, I am just loving this age so much!!  
I am so excited to introduce to you today Jamie Hodge, Jaci Atherton and Kelly Ayers, three new Team Leaders on my amazing Hoot Mamas team.  Origami Owl® would not have been possible if I didn't ask others to join this journey with me.  Team Hoot Mama is comprised of some of the most fabulous and hard-working women I've ever met.  It's truly an honor to lead these women and to call so many of them my friends! 
Jamie Hodge ~ Team Leader - Mentor, OH

HeLLLLLoooo!  My name is Jamie Leigh Designer #50233 and I am a Team Leader for Origami Owl®. I always knew that I would own my own business and I am sooo happy I joinedl!!  I was first introduced to O2 at a bridal show I was working at. I immediately fell in love and knew I HAD TO JOIN. A few months later I started my journey and I could not be happier!  In less than 6 months I was promoted twice!!   I am working hard to be a force for good and to help other women live their dreams! 

2014 is going to be a GREAT year for Team HOOT HOOT! I am looking forward to what our journey will unfold.I love being a hands on mentor to my team. Encouraging and supportive throughout their journey. 

I am excited for my future with Origami Owl® and I am on my way to my goal of being a stay at home mom and wife to my amazing fiance! He has been supportive and encouraging throughout my journey. 
If you have any questions or would like to join an amazing team please contact me!
I would love to share this journey with you! Lets ROCK in 2014 and have fun while doing it.
Want to follow Jamie's journey as an Origami Owl® Independent Designer?  Connect on Facebook,  Email or Join. 

Jaci Atherton ~ Team Leader - Lorain, OH


My name is Jaci and I have been a designer with Origami Owl® since September 2013. When I first began my journey with this company, I attended a regional training event in Columbus, OH (exclusive training is just one of the perks). I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be more of a motivational and inspirational coaching session rather than just concentrating on "how to sell the product". I was able to hear real life stories from real life women about how far they have come, in part because of Origami Owl®. I learned more about how it all began and that this company is truly run by a family and not a big corporation. Knowing this melted my heart because I was able to actually relate to them.
One thing in particular that was said during the training was that in order to achieve my goals, I had to first figure out my "why". For me, my “why” is simple: My family. My husband and I are so incredibly blessed with our four amazing children; Grace, Charlie, Maggie and Emma. Despite my job as a full-time Registered Nurse and my husband’s job as a full-time police officer, we never seemed to have enough extra money for fun family excursions, or to take our family of six on vacations. In only a few short months, the commission I have earned has contributed to us to paying off some bills, enjoying a debt free Christmas, and paying for ballet, softball, and baseball! We are now actively saving for a vacation to Disney World! Since beginning my journey with Origami Owl®, I have also made some incredible new friends, from my jewelry bar hosts and their guests, to the other amazing designers I work with. We all have a story and a motive for joining Origami Owl®; some stories are similar and some are very different. I am genuinely grateful for the opportunities that Origami Owl®  has given me and it is awesome to be able to share my enthusiasm with others.  In February 2014, I began recruiting my own team of designers. This year, I am making it my goal to focus on building my team. I love being a mentor and helping other wonderful designers begin their journey with Origami Owl® too! I am extremely excited to see where Origami Owl® will take me in the future. If you are ready to create your own journey with Origami Owl® or are interested in discovering more about Origami Owl® and how this company can change your life, like it has for me, please visit me on FacebookWebsite or Email.

Kelly Ayers ~ Team Leader - Mentor, OH


Hoot! Hoot! Origami Owl® fans!  My name is Kelly Ayers.  I live in Mentor, OH with my husband, Tim, and our 2 blue eyed kiddos.  My son, Bryce, is almost 7 years old.  He’s my comedian, which after a 4-5 year battle with Verbal Apraxia, I am blessed to hear just about anything he has to say.  He continues to improve with intensive speech therapy, he makes me extremely proud.  My daughter, Molly, is almost 2 years old.  She is such a joy and thankfully has no speech delays, it’s a delight to hear her little voice..most days!  I work full time job as a Senior Pension Analyst with the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, which I’ve been doing for 13 years.  It’s definitely not a job I planned to jump into, after graduating with a BS in Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences, but at the time, it was the door that God opened and I don’t regret it.  After all, it prepared me for the background to help my son with his language delay.  God’s plans work in mysterious ways.

I started my journey with Origami Owl® July 2, 2013 after a 4 month wait on the waitlist to receive my Origami Owl®  wings.  I first heard about OO in March 2013, when an online coop group posted that they were doing an Origami Owl® sale in preparation for Mother’s Day.  I decided that I’d make one for my mom and the day that it arrived in the mail, I was in awe at how beautiful it was in person and that each charm represented something special to her.  I immediately said “ok, now how quick can I order myself one!”.  I was drawn to the uniqueness and the ability to customize and I knew that not many people were even aware of what Origami Owl® was.  I had thought about joining a direct sales company, but never felt an instant connection that I could see myself excited about selling, but this was different.  I found myself wanting more and more!  I got my OO wings and haven’t regretted it since.  I have met so many new friends and have taken my leadership skills to a whole new level.  

I have many goals that I pray Origami Owl® will help me to reach.  I started out with the small goal of just being able to live without the financial struggle of living paycheck to paycheck.  I can now gladly say we not only are doing better financially, but I am also able to start setting money aside in a savings account.  Having that cushion is such a relief, just knowing that when life happens and lemons are handed to us, we don’t have to resort to a credit card.  This leads me to one of my next goals, to reduce our debt, which I’ve already started.  Easier said than done, but I’ve already started and as I continue to grow my team and with fantastic customers and hostesses, I will reach and surpass this goal too!  

Having no prior experience in direct sales, I am so blessed to come as far as I have!  I have such great leaders and I have worked extremely hard to follow their example and continue to learn and teach as I go. I’ll end with one of my favorite quotes because it’s not necessarily about your position or title:
If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” - John Quincy Adams 
Want to follow Kelly's journey as an Origami Owl® Independent Designer?  Connect on Facebook,  or Email.
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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hoot Mama Motivation: Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Hey Hoot Mamas! I hope you are all having a great week! It's been a busy one here at Hoot Mama Lockets Headquarters,  I have been busy sorting and packaging FOUR amazing Origami Owl®  Jewelry Bars®!   There were a lot of happy Momma's this Mother's Day!!!

As you can see, I have been one busy girl!!  I love putting a personal touch on my customers packages and always top each one off with a cute little bag tag thanking them for their order.   I just love making my customers happy!

Who else do I love bringing happiness to?  My team, the awesome Hoot Mamas!!!  It certainly is not an easy task all of the time, however, I know my positive energy and my "glass half full" perspective can be contagious and helps get them through those tough days.  Today I want to talk to you about an important issue in Direct Sales that can really knock the wind out of the sail of even your biggest rock star on your team. I know we are all guilty of at one time or another... comparing ourselves to others.
To be honest, I too am guilty of comparing myself to others.  I’ve come to the realization that the only thing I should be working on is being the best version of me.  Being the best leader I can be.  I know I should only focus on my own goals and personal growth along the way. Easier said than done, right?
Social Media is an amazing tool for communicating with our team, hostesses and customers, however, how many times have you logged on to Facebook only to read another Designer reach the promotion or personal volume level that you have had your heart on achieving?  Even though you had just accomplished a personal best in both recruits and personal volume, some how that just doesn't seem to matter.  Reading the news about the other Origami Owl® Designer has completely zapped all of the joy and momentum you were feeling only moments ago.  Has this happened to you?  We need to stop this now!
When we waste valuable time and energy comparing ourselves to other Origami Owl® Designers, we are over looking our true potential, and the opportunity for growth in our own business. We might be trying to duplicate what another Origami Owl® Designer is doing, and in the meantime missing our goals we set forth to accomplish because we aren’t doing what we were supposed to be doing!  We are too easily distracted by what others are achieving and lose focus on what we set out to do.  We are now thrown off course and drifting aimlessly, not sure of where to turn next.
It’s time to stop comparing and competing with others. Focus on YOUR goals and YOUR accomplishments!!  Let them fuel your motivation and don't allow the success of others to steal your joy!
The next time you log onto Facebook, go in with confidence and a positive attitude knowing that today you refuse to allow your joy to be taken from you just because someone may appear to be doing better than you.  You do not know what other failures or set backs these others have experienced along the journey which have completely stolen their joy too.  Focus on yourself, do not forget who you are, what you do best, and how many people will be inspired today by you!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Origami Owl® is Expanding to Puerto Rico

Hey Hoot Mamas!  I hope you all had a wonderful Monday and were able to unwind after a busy Easter Weekend!  I wanted to share with you all some exciting news....Origami Owl® is Expanding to Puerto Rico!  On May 5th, Origami Owl® will be welcoming the US Hispanic market and Puerto Rico to their growing family. 

To support this exciting growth, Origami Owl® will be offering the following items:
  • Operating systems available in Spanish.
  • Hispanic Inspired Catalog Supplements.
  • Marketing Materials in both English and Spanish.
  • Bilingual Designer Care agents with be available.
  • Business Packages including Bilingual training materials.

Origami Owl® is in the business of changing lives, and this new ground floor opportunity allows us  to spread our mission to be a Force For Good® to a whole new area.  This is an awesome opportunity for anyone residing in Puerto Rico interested in building a team and introducing a beautiful product to your friends and family.  If you are in Puerto Rico and interested in becoming an Origami Owl® Designer, I would love for you to join Team Hoot Mamas, one of the fastest growing  and most supportive Origami Owl® teams.  

If you have any questions on this exciting opportunity, please contact me at  I will be happy to answer your questions and also get you in contact with one of many Team Hoot Mama team members who are bilingual in both English and Spanish.   I look forward to hearing from you and sharing this amazing new opportunity!!!

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Creating An Origami Owl® FRANKS Contact List

Hey Y’all!  Happy Monday!!  I hope you all had a blessed Easter Weekend with your families.  It’s hard to believe we are already kicking off another week!  I don’t know about you all, but it seems like time has been flying by lately. I’m sure that is just a direct correlation with how busy we have been in recent weeks. 

I am still bursting with excitement over the amazing March that Team Hoot Mamas just celebrated.  Together Team Hoot Mamas added 55 new team members and celebrated 12 promotions!  I love these ladies so much, they are so passionate about sharing the Origami Owl® love and being a Force For Good®!  So blessed to say that I also celebrated my own promotion in March to Executive Team Leader!!!  It was an amazing month and I could not be more excited for the future of Team Hoot Mamas.

I hope you are all enjoying my Blogging Series on 'How to Have a Strong Start'.  It is SO important as a new Origami Owl® Designer to start your business off STRONG and I am here to help lead the way!!!  If you are new to Hoot Mama Lockets Blog and want to check out the other posts in this Blogging Series, please click on the links below for even more tips on 'How to Have a Strong Start'.
Today we are going to chat about creating a FRANKS Contact List.  You are probably asking at this point, who is FRANK?  LOL!  Here is where this fun term comes from:

(F)riends or Facebook
(A)cquaintances or Activities

It's very important when creating your FRANKS List to go in with a positive attitude and open mind. Remember that you are presenting someone with an amazing opportunity!!!  The gift of buying an amazing product, earning free products or the gift of time and financial freedom.  More importantly, never pre-judge!  Some one that you omitted from your list could end up on someone else's list and end up as their customer, hostess or new team member.  If you think they are an amazing person, someone else does too!  You just never know how people will react, or who they could lead you too.  You also want to remember that your FRANKS contact list is your greatest asset when starting your business.  Keep in mind too that as your business grows and evolves, so will your FRANKS List.

Creating a FRANKS Contact List is simple, you just write down names of people you associate with in each of these categories.   Keep your list long, it will feel so much better when you receive your first few no's knowing that you have so many more people to talk to about this amazing opportunity.

FRIENDS - Ask yourself, which of my friends would be interested in hearing more about Origami Owl®?  Don't forget to look through your Facebook friends, cell phone contacts, email contacts or your LinkedIn contacts ~ there may be some people there that you still count as friends but you haven't spoken to in awhile.  All of those high school friends and old sorority sisters that you haven't connected with in years, what a great reason to reconnect and let them know what is new with you!!!  Just be sure not to bombard your online contacts with status updates and impersonal messages that are perceived as spam about your Origami Owl® business.   This not an effective way to utilize social media and it will only turn them off.

RELATIVES - Do you have any relatives, local or out of town who may be interested?  Don't forget to include your spouse's relatives too when building your list.

ACTIVITIES - Are there people I have met in activities that I participate in who may enjoy hearing about Origami Owl® or looking for a career change?  Think about your community organizations, church and other social groups.

NEIGHBORS - Your neighborhood is a great place to start sharing the Origami Owl® love.  Pass out your catalogs or flyers letting them know that they have a new Origami Owl® Designer in their neighborhood.  It's also a great way to connect with a new neighbor that may have just moved in looking to meet other neighbors.  Share with her the possibility of having an Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar and invite the neighbor hood over for a girls night out. 

KIDS - If you have kids, I am sure you have met other parents through their activities, daycare, Mom's groups and play groups.  I personally have met a lot of parents and teachers through my daughter's preschool and have turned into the "go-to" mom for Origami Owl® orders.  It's been such a amazing opportunity and I love it!  I make sure I wear my locket for pick ups and drops off and always carry my business bag that has Origami Owl® embroidered on it.  Everyone at my daughter's preschool knows that I am the Locket Lady!

When compiling your FRANKS Contact List, it is important to use Memory Joggers to get you started.  Here are a few examples of memory joggers: Babysitter, Banker, Bridesmaid, Dentist, Doctor, Sorority Friend, BFF, Teacher, Gym, Co-Worker, Sister, Realtor, Unemployed, Stay At Home Mom, People Person, Popular, Needs More Money, Best Dressed, Strong Influence, Service Industry Worker, Enthusiastic.  These are just a few sample memory jogger terms or adjectives to use when thinking of those individuals who would be amazing assets to your FRANKS Contact List.

As you create your list, remember to keep an open mind and do not pre-judge!!  You never know what someone else is going through, what their dreams are or what their current financial situation is.  You could be providing them with an amazing gift and they will be forever thankful for the opportunity.  Sometimes people just need an idea presented to them, they may have never realized that what they had been searching for all this time was right in front of them.  All they need is for you to ASK!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Find an Origami Owl® Designer

Find an Origami Owl® Designer!

As the Founder and Executive Team Leader for Team Hoot Mama, I am committed to helping women achieve success and the financial independence necessary to make all your dreams come true! In joining my team, you will be joining a community designed to support you every step of the way.  Join my front line team or Find an Origami Owl® Designer from our Hoot Mama Team in your area listed by State below as a part of our unique one on one mentoring program.  Either way, you are a member of the most inspiring, successful and fastest growing teams within Origami Owl®.  Contact me at to learn more.
It would be an honor and a blessing to be your mentor and I will help you every step of the way.  As a member of Team Hoot Mama, you will receive valuable resources and one on one training opportunities designed to help focus your efforts on successfully growing your business.  You will benefit through online training, one-on-one coaching, team conference calls, and more.  As a perk for being a Designer on my team, I will also list and promote your business on my blog.  I want more than anything for my team to succeed!   

Origami Owl® Custom Jewelry is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States and Team Hoot Mama is one of the strongest and fastest growing teams.  Our team is represented in 34 states across the US and counting!  Our team mission is "Helping You Achieve a Strong Start" and I strongly believe that we are. I would love for you to join us and to be a part of our success!  

Brenda Lozano Designer ANTHEM
Tamara Olson Designer BUCKEYE
Christie Huck Team Leader GOODYEAR
Cathy Weigler Leading Designer MESA
Nikki Zielinski Designer MESA
Paula Tibben Designer MESA
Collette Vickers Designer PEORIA
Michelle Lilly Leading Designer PHOENIX
Stephanie lounsbury Designer PHOENIX
Jennifer Brooks Designer PHOENIX
Vanessa Van Wyk Designer PHOENIX
Jessica Bedoy Designer TUCSON
Rosanna Hinds Designer BARSTOW
Justine Amato Designer BELLFLOWER
Lisa Jusino Designer CLOVIS
Lindy Faraone Designer LINCOLN
Miano Leah Designer MILLBRAE
Genie White Designer MORENO VALLEY
Theda Bryant Designer MORENO VALLEY
Nicole Johansen Leading Designer OCEANSIDE
Suzanne Scholl Designer REDDING
Demetra McGee Leading Designer RIVERSIDE
lesley cabrera Designer RIVERSIDE
Ashlee Krol Designer YORBA LINDA
Amy Wortham Designer AURORA
Janice Richardson Designer ELIZABETH
Chrystal Lough Designer GLENWOOD SPRINGS
Pamala DeWitt Designer LITTLETON
Judy Caban Designer DANBURY
Christan Prettyman Designer DOVER
Kari Armesto Designer ALTAMONTE SPG
Patty Cox Designer FORT MYERS
Blakelyn Hoyt Designer INTERLACHEN
Katie Portas-Tatum Designer LYNN HAVEN
Jennifer Solis Designer MIAMI
Courtney Magyar Designer ORLANDO
Sabrina Evers Designer PORT SAINT JOE
Maria Tafur Designer PORT SAINT LUCIE
Laurie Watts Leading Designer PUNTA GORDA
ChristineBlackburn Designer SUMMERFIELD
Joangelys Reyes Designer WEST PALM BEACH
Samantha Meinke Designer FORT BENNING
Elaine McDaniel Designer HIRAM
Cassie Swisher Designer LOGANVILLE
Tillman Rosa Designer MIDWAY
Ashley Kennedy Designer RICHMOND HILL
Stephanie Kerns Designer SAVANNAH
Susan Sweat Designer WINSTON
Susan Hess Designer CARSON
Renee Schoening Leading Designer MACEDONIA
Amber Juelsgaard Designer TREYNOR
Julie Sjobakken Designer WATERLOO
Ramirez Alicia Designer CHICAGO
Anastacia Rios Designer ELGIN
Jennifer Abbott Designer GALESBURG
Katrina Hunerkoch Designer HIGHLAND
ashlee hatten Designer OLNEY
Graciela Miranda Designer AVON
Melanie Schweikhardt Designer BLUFFTON
Michelle Salus Designer DYER
Kristen Strickland Designer ELKHART
Jennifer Dayton Designer MARION
Heather Hortenstine Designer HENDERSON
Cayla McCoy Designer LEXINGTON
Amber Skeans Leading Designer LEXINGTON
Sally Moore Designer LILY
Robin Wadell Designer LOUISVILLE
Shannon Chappell Designer OWENTON
Katherine Haubner Designer CHICOPEE
Lisa Faulkner Designer BOONSBORO
Kathryn Bantz Designer BRADDOCK HTS
Angelic Shifflett Designer HOLLYWOOD
Linda Miller Designer JARRETTSVILLE
Stephany Anderson Designer CADILLAC
Kathy Bommarito Team Leader CALEDONIA
Brittney Banning Designer CALEDONIA
Boler Erin Designer CALEDONIA
Megan Snyder Designer CALEDONIA
Chantelle Bowser Designer CANTON
Jessica Gutierrez Designer CANTON
Rebecca Reed Designer DORR
Summer Teeter Designer DOWAGIAC
Holly Hughes Designer FENTON
Ashley Phelps Designer JACKSON
Christine Carter Designer LAKE ODESSA
Jessica Scheid Designer LOWELL
Tammy Wilson Designer SWARTZ CREEK
Michelle Mathews Designer GRAIN VALLEY
Deanna Rogers Designer MARSHFIELD
Lisa Mann Designer OLIVE BRANCH
Jessica Formhals Designer COLUMBIA FALLS
Chris Bridges Designer BESSEMER CITY
Jennifer Carter Designer FAYETTEVILLE
Julia Oliver Designer GREENSBORO
Ashley Hines Designer GREENVILLE
Betty Sweat Designer HIGH POINT
Stephanie Pevey Designer LAURINBURG
Stacey Keller Designer PFAFFTOWN
wendy robinette Designer ROCKY POINT
Kasey Richey Designer SANFORD
Laurie Hayes Designer OMAHA
Cindy Hummel Designer BEACHWOOD
Adel & Emily Flint Designer MAYS LANDING
Nancy Bard Leading Designer SOMERS POINT
Stephanie Nelson Designer TUCKAHOE
Rosanne Means Designer HENDERSON
Michelle Blair Designer HENDERSON
Sharon Baer Designer LAS VEGAS
Alison Russell Designer ALBANY
Kristin Kardaseski Designer ELMIRA
Brittany Pawelek Designer ST JOHNSVILLE
Paula Stover-Avritt Designer AKRON
Jill Deutsch Designer ASHTABULA
Tanya Scripa Designer AURORA
Rachel Nottingham Designer BEDFORD
Kelly Zarback Designer BRECKSVILLE
Jill Hanacek Designer BRUNSWICK
Danielle Braden Designer CANAL FULTON
Heidi Toot Designer CHARDON
Irene Graham Designer CHESTERLAND
Elise Snider Designer CINCINNATI
Kimberly Carter Designer CLEVELAND KIMPRE01@GMAIL.COM
Tanya Schaar Designer CLEVELAND
Jenny Day Designer CLEVELAND
Korie Sanders Leading Designer CLEVELAND
Mabel Andino Designer CLEVELAND
Meghan Cozens Designer CLEVELAND
Angela Dyer Designer CLEVELAND
Alyshia Boscarello Designer COLUMBIA STATION
Rivers Amy Designer COLUMBUS
Amanda Sizler Leading Designer EASTLAKE
Casey Pilarsh Designer ELYRIA
Tracy Rivers Designer GALLOWAY
Debra Green Designer GREENVILLE
Amy Biggs Designer HOWARD
Krista Burchett Team Leader KENT
sandra caldwell Designer LAKEWOOD
Jaclyn Atherton Team Leader LORAIN
Amanda Stoneman Designer MADISON
Jessica Sonmore Designer MASSILLON
Jacqueline Paris Designer MEDINA
Maranda Spicel Team Leader MEDINA
Vicki Frierson Designer MEDINA
kimberly beard Team Leader MEDINA
Carol Brenstuhl Designer MEDINA
Kelly Ayers Team Leader MENTOR
Margaret Henderson Designer MENTOR
Brittany Richter Designer MENTOR
Debbie Neiman Designer MENTOR
Holly Funk Designer MENTOR
Jamie Hodge Team Leader MENTOR
Karen Tucci Exec Team Leader MENTOR
Connie Krebs Leading Designer NEWBURGH HTS
Cheryl Anderson Designer N ROYALTON
Raenette Burke Designer OLMSTED FALLS
Nicole Frankoff Designer OLMSTED TWP
Tara Reynolds Designer OREGON
Lindsay Hundley Designer OREGON
Chantal Zisis Designer PAINESVILLE
Carrie Koenig Team Leader PAINESVILLE
Heather Webster Designer PAINESVILLE
timothy smalley Designer PEEBLES
Colleen Tannish Designer PERRY
Sarah DeLauter Leading Designer PERRYSBURG
Loretta Woodall Designer RAVENNA
Scott Woodall Designer RAVENNA
Chrissie Didona Leading Designer RICHMOND HTS
Cynthia Jackson Designer RITTMAN
Frances Clemons Designer SANDUSKY
Ann Evans Designer STOW
Denise Shamrowicz Leading Designer STRONGSVILLE
Stephanie Cox Designer STRONGSVILLE
Erica Linderman Designer TWINSBURG
Jensyn Trefney Designer TWINSBURG
Kimberly Parsons Sr Team Leader VERMILION
kristin zander Designer VERMILION
Linda Ksiazak Designer VERMILION
Stephanie Nyeste Designer WADSWORTH
Nikki Nagy Designer WADSWORTH
Jessica Mullins Designer WAKEMAN JESSNDOUG@MSN.COM
Erin Smith Leading Designer WALBRIDGE
Andrea Barta Leading Designer WALBRIDGE
Marie Pierce Designer WILLOUGHBY
Angel Ciomek Designer WILLOUGHBY
Ashley Stewart Designer CHECOTAH
Krista Wiles Designer CHECOTAH
Karen Swanegan Designer EDMOND
Ashley Griggs Designer EDMOND
Lauren BeVelle Designer FORT SILL
Melissa Tebow Leading Designer PONCA CITY
Kristen Hill Designer PONCA CITY
Jennifer Taylor Designer SLICK
Debra Velasquez Leading Designer YUKON
Jayne Beilstein Designer BEAVERTON
Rebecca Confer Designer ALLENTOWN
Whitney Moyer Designer BOYERTOWN
Chrissy Andersen Designer BREINIGSVILLE
Karen Rideout Team Leader BREINIGSVILLE
Shannon Matherne Designer DUNCANSVILLE
Linda Whiting Designer EDINBURG
George Erin Designer HOLLIDAYSBURG
Jennifer Smith Leading Designer HOLLIDAYSBURG
Shalane Bottolfson Designer JOHNSTOWN
Valerie Coleburn Designer LIMERICK
Diana Conley Designer MONACA
Janelle Pasquarello Designer NEW CASTLE
Lakisha Bullock Designer PHILADELPHIA
Kristen Smock Designer POTTSTOWN
Mandii Highley Designer POTTSTOWN
Jennifer Ott Designer WHITEHALL
Christina Wackerman Designer WILLOW GROVE
Haley Ahrens Designer GREER
Christi Jones Designer CHATTANOOGA
Vicky Roark Designer CULLEOKA
Janessa Rodgers Designer FAIRVIEW
Lana Kelley Designer MORRISTOWN
Amanda Morris Designer ALLEN
Enriqueta Perez Designer BALCH SPRINGS
Tina Howard Designer CARROLLTON
Malerie Crowder Designer CEDAR PARK
Sheri Harrah Designer FORT WORTH
Jeff Fox Designer FRISCO
Ashley Fox Sr Team Leader FRISCO
Marilyn Sorrells Designer GLADEWATER
MaryEllen Drees Designer HOUSTON
Lindzi Howder Designer HOUSTON
Beata Ceja Designer HOUSTON
Barbie Cason Designer IRVING
Devin Emery Designer MIDLOTHIAN
Kimber Yates Team Leader N RICHLAND HILLS
Paige Williams Designer ORANGE
Yolanda Alarcon Designer PFLUGERVILLE
Lesa Chiv Designer ROSENBERG
Jackson Meka Designer ROSENBERG
Britney Skyles Designer ROSHARON
Stephanie Hidalgo Designer TOMBALL
Jamie Wyatt Designer VENUS
Jen Davis Designer CHESAPEAKE
Adele Vogt Designer FREDERICKSBRG
Jennifer Miller Leading Designer HAMPTON
Rebecca Whaling Leading Designer LOCUST GROVE
Mary Huff Designer VIRGINIA BEACH
Melissa Roberts Designer BONNEY LAKE
Teresa Johnson Designer CHEHALIS
Billie Anderson Designer DOTY
Amy Stuber Designer ANTIGO
Ashley Jaeger Designer NEW HOLSTEIN
Sabrina Tenney Designer BELINGTON
Renee Graley Designer S CHARLESTON

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