Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar® Booking Games


Booking Jewelry Bars® is the number one key to success in your Origami Owl® business.  Booking Jewelry Bars® doesn't have to be hard!  Origami Owl® Jewelry Bars® are a fun opportunity for a Girls Night Out and a fantastic way to earn FREE Jewelry.  Why wouldn't anyone want to host a Jewelry Bar®?  

In my experience as a Direct Sales consultant, I have found that playing booking games at your party is the quickest and easiest ways to book parties.  Booking games are a great addition to any Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar®.  In addition to helping you get more bookings, it will also entertain your guests.  I’ve found that I get more bookings by turning the process into a game instead of simply asking if a guest wants to host a party.

My favorite booking game and the one in my opinion that has produced the best results is 'Deal or No Deal'.   This game is a lot of fun to play with your guests and builds up the suspense of winning a FREE gift that no one can say no to booking a Jewelry Bar with you.

*15 Customer Packets
*14 Blank Notecards with Origami Owl® products written hand written as prizes on the inside. 
*1 Blank Notecard with 'ONE FREE LOCKET' written on the inside. 
Do not seal the notecards!
At the beginning of your presentation, pass out your customer packets.  In my customer packets, I always include a catalog, order form, recruiting flier, hostess exclusive flier, and a business card.  Each customer packet should also contain a 'Deal or No Deal' notecard.  After I have finished my explanation about how Origami Owl's® Hostess Benefits program works, I thank the hostess again for having me and thank all of the guests for coming as well.  I will then say how much fun I had with all of them today and how I would love to have a Girls Night Out with them in their homes with their friends and family.  Here is where you want to start building up the suspense and start pumping everyone up!  I will then ask the party guests to look inside their Customer packet to find an envelope.  I explain that we are going to play a really fun game and everyone has a chance to win FREE Jewelry!  The guests are now intrigued and buzzing with excitement at the prospect of winning FREE jewelry.  Everyone loves to feel like they are getting something for FREE so you will see all of them start digging through their customer packets looking for the envelope.  I then will exclaim "When you find your envelope, don't open it!!!"  This then creates even more suspense.  The suspense element is really important here, you really want to build that excitement so that everyone will go along with your game.  I then explain once everyone is holding their envelopes in their hand that everyone is holding an envelope with a FREE gift from me inside, an actual product from the catalog ranging in value from $10 to $40.  I further explain that inside ONE person's envelope is a FREE Locket.  I tell the guests if they have been thinking about booking a Jewelry Bar and having a fun Girls Night Out with their friends, they can open their envelopes.  Only those who are interested in booking a Jewelry Bar are allowed to see what is inside the envelope.  Guests are not allowed to peek inside their envelope and then make a decision.  They have to agree by saying "Deal!" and then they can open their envelope.  So I walk around the room and ask each guest "Deal or No Deal?"  If someone says "Deal!" go ahead and yell and scream and give a big "Woo hoo!"  She is now allowed to open her envelope to see what she has won.  Even if she has only won a FREE charm, make a big deal out of it and tell her how much fun she is going to have at her party!  Move on to the next guest, if they say "No Deal", ask them politely to hand the envelope back to you, they are not able to see what is inside.  It gets really exciting when someone actually does open the FREE locket.  Then there is a lot of cheering, hugging and happy dancing going on.  Isn't that the best way ever to book a party?  I knew you would love it!
Best of luck to you at your Jewelry Bars® and hopefully you leave with a lot of 'Deals!'
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  1. Do you give them their free gift THAT night or at the party the host? (If you do THAT night, do you ever have someone who says they will do a party, gets their gift, then cancels their party?) Thanks, this seems like a really fun game and I cant wait to try it at my launch party!

  2. Do you play anymore games during that party, or is this the only one? I want to make my jewelry bars fun and exciting so the guest would want to have one.

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