Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar® Booking Ideas

Hey there Hoot Mamas, I hope you are all having a great week!  The weather has been beautiful here and we are enjoying every bit of this beautiful Fall! 
Every other week I typically hold conference calls with my team.  As I was trying to think of a topic for this week's call, I tried to think about what would be the most beneficial, especially for my new team mates.  I am sure a lot of you are in the same boat as my new girls....you just received your kit, you are absolutely in love with the beautiful jewelry, but now what???  You need to start booking Jewelry Bars®!!!
I put together a list of ideas to help you in thinking outside of the box and start booking those parties!
  • Have a Facebook/Virtual Party - Connect with your friends all over the country.  Set a date and time for everyone to log in to Facebook.  Offer a door prize to those who attend, an additional incentive to those who ask questions about your business and then let them shop away!  As the hostess, you can either earn the hostess rewards for yourself to earn inventory, or raffle off the rewards as an extra incentive to those who attend and place an order.
  • Party On the Go - Fill up a pouch or bag with a few catalogs, orders forms, hostess exclusive flier, recruiting flier and a few lockets complete with charms, dangles and a chain and let the products sell themselves!  Give to the hostess to take to work, a friend's house, family get together or a girl's night out.  She collects the orders and earns FREE jewelry from all the hostess benefits. 
  • Mystery Hostess Party - Guests earn tickets various ways in order to win the hostess rewards.  This can be done on-line or in a home.  Guests can earn tickets by brining a friend, bringing an outside order, booking a party, or signing up as a Designer.  Get creative!!!  Once all the orders are in, draw a ticket to see who wins the hostess benefits.   
  • Heels and Deals Booking Blitz - Pull together your list of FRANKS (Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Kids (Mom's of Your Kids's friends), Spouse (Wife's of your Spouses friends).  Put on your sassiest pair of heels, your hottest lip stick and set the timer on your phone for one hour.  Call as many people as you can in that hour asking them to host a party or just to say thank you for supporting your business.  Build that relationship with your customer, a phone call really does go a long way.  Having those sassy heals and lipstick on really does go along way, when you feel sassy and confident, it will shine through to the other end of the line.  Try it and see what happens!!! 
  • Booking Blitz Buddies - You know how they say you are more likely to succeed with your diet if you have a buddy?  The same goes for Booking Blitz's!  Try the Heels and Deals booking blitz with a fellow Designer.  Knowing that you have the support of a fellow Origami Owl® sister will make the Booking Blitz go a lot quicker and will be a little less scary if you know you have a buddy cheering you on.  Once your power hour is up, call each other to share your success stories!

  • Open House/Launch Party/New Product Premier - You do not have to have your launch party only when you first become a Designer.  You can have an Open House/Launch Party/New Product Premier style party to celebrate a new catalog, a new special, or just an excuse to get your family and friends together. 

  • School Events - Ask to set up a table at a School sporting event, Open house, PTA meeting, Band Concert, etc.

  • Kid's Sporting Event - I am actually using this idea from a fellow Hoot Mama.  She set up a small table display at her child's Soccer game and the Soccer Mom's went wild!!  Make sure to pass out catalogs to all the Mom's for both the home and away teams.  Soccer Mom's love Origami Owl®.  Don't forget to purchase in advance a lot of Soccer ball charms!

  • Mommy and Me Tea Party/Brunch - Have Mom's and Daughters of all ages gather at your home or even a Tea room/Coffee shop for a morning of fun and pampering.   Serve finger sandwiches, cookies and tea/punch.  You can even team up with anther direct sales company that offers pampering products and have her invite her guests.  You can both share in the leads and the pampering!

  • Neighborhood Ambush - Distribute fliers with your information and a coupon for 'One FREE Charm' for scheduling a party with you.  You can choose your neighborhood or every neighborhood in the city!  I love to do this during my Kid's naptime.  I load up the kids in the car with a few hundred fliers and pass them out to all the neighborhoods in my city as the kids sleep soundly in their car seats.  It's a great way to have a very productive nap time!

  • Shopapalooza - This is a great idea to do around the holidays.  Team up with friends who sell for other Direct Sales Companies and host a one stop shop!!   Each consultant will invite their friends, family, contacts and previous customers.  In return, you all gain new customers from the huge pool of attendees.  It's a great way to network with other Direct Sales consultants and gain new customers at the same time!

  • Have Your Friends Help! - Give your friends a locket to wear if they do not own one already.  Have them wear it to work, the grocery store, Target, their kids's extracurricular activities.  Arm them with catalogs and Business cards too so when people ask them where they bought their beautiful locket, your friends will let them know!

  • Booking Games - There are so many different booking games out there to play during your Jewelry Bar®.  I shared with you my favorite booking game, Deal or No Deal, and it has worked many times!!  Team Hoot Mamas can provide real life testimonials on how well it has worked for them too!

Great Places to Leave Catalogs for Potential Bookings

  • Hair Salons/Boutiques/Personal Gyms - Ask to set up a small display with catalogs and fliers, if a display will not work, ask to leave your catalogs in a common area of the facility.

  • Doctors Offices/Hospital Waiting Rooms- I have personally left several catalogs my kid's Pediatrician's office and Hospital Waiting rooms.  Be sure to introduce yourself to the receptionist and let her know of your new business.  See if she will mind if you leave a few catalogs behind.

  • Break Room at Place of Employment -  Leave a catalog in the break room/lunchroom at your place of employment.  Are you a Stay At Home Mom?  Then ask your spouse to bring catalogs to work and pass them around and leave them in his break room or lunch room.

  • Teacher's Lounge at Your Child's School - Ask your child's teach or principal if they have a lounge that they could leave a few of your catalogs in.  Teacher's love Origami Owl®!!

  • Leave a Catalog with your Waitress - If you received amazing service while you were out to dinner or think your waitress would make an amazing Designer on your team, leave her a catalog or your Business Card.  Leave a personalized note just for her on how she would make an amazing addition to your team or party hostess.  She will give you a call just to hear more!  .
Do you have any booking ideas that worked for you?  I would love to hear!  Please leave me a comment and share your success stories!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar® Presentation 101

I never in a million years would have imagined that I would be writing a blog post about an Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar® Presentation.  My whole life I shied away from speaking in front of others.  Even in college, I waited until the last possible semester before graduation to take the required Interpersonal Communication - Speech 101 class.  I absolutely dreaded speaking in front of people about anything!  Imagine my surprise when a few years ago I was drawn to Direct Sales after attending a party.  I couldn't believe that I was actually considering doing something that required speaking in front of others and actually giving a presentation! 

I have to admit, at my very first party I barely gave a presentation.  I was way too nervous about everything that the thought of actually standing up and speaking in front of people on top of it was just too much.  Basically, I just passed around the products and said "Let me know if you have any questions!"  We all have to start somewhere, right?  I knew I had to get better at this if I wanted my career to go anywhere so I decided to research how to give a Party Presentation.  I wrote up my own version of how I thought a Party Presentation should go and decided to set a few small goals for myself.  At every party, I would force myself to complete bits and pieces of my presentation until finally at one party I completed the whole thing.  I actually even played a booking game!  After that, I never looked back and actually started ENJOYING presenting at parties.  What an exhilarating feeling it!  I faced my fears and tackled them dead on.  I slowly started to gain more bookings, more recruits, and of course, my confidence.

Here is how my Party Presentation looks today, I hope that you find it useful and that it helps you get over those Party Presenting jitters too.

Throughout my presentation I hand out raffle tickets to anyone who asks me a question.  You can purchase a roll of raffle tickets at Target for less than $10. 
  • I introduce myself and tell the story on how I know the hostess.
  • I tell everyone that I will be passing out raffle tickets throughout my presentation anytime someone asks a question and that whoever ends up with the most tickets at the end of my presentation receives one FREE charm. 
Thank the Hostess 
  • Thank the Hostess for having a Jewelry Bar®.
  • Give the Hostess her Gift.
  • I then go around the room and each guest introduce themselves by saying their name, how they know the hostess, one nice thing about the hostess, and what charm they think the hostess would pick for her locket.  (This give an opportunity to talk about the charms and will also provide ideas on what charms the guests can select for their own personal locket).
Talk about Origami Owl®
  • Ask who has ever been to an Origami Owl®Jewelry Bar®.
  • Share Bella's story on how at 14 years old she had a dream to purchase a car of her own. 
Talk about the Jewelry Bar®
  • Unique to Origami Owl®.
  • Share the 5 Steps on building a Locket.
  • Build a locket for the guests to see how it works.
  • Share my locket and why it's important to me.
Share the Origami Owl® Opportunity 
  • Talk about the benefits of becoming a Designer with Origami Owl®.
  • Share how much the average new Designer makes at a Jewelry Bar®
  • Talk about in what ways Origami Owl® has blessed my life. 
Hostess Rewards
  • Share Origami Owl® Hostess Rewards Program.
  • Talk about the Hostess Exclusive that month and what is included.
  • Play my favorite booking game - Deal or No Deal
  • Play 20 Question Game in Two Minutes 
If time allows, I will play the 20 Questions in Two Minutes Game at the end of my presentation.  This is an opportunity for the guests to ask you questions and earn more tickets.  I suggest to the guests that they ask me anything they want: my family, my life as a Designer with Origami Owl®, anything they want.  I set my iPhone time for 2 minutes and guests will start firing as many questions as they can at me to learn more about me, the opportunity and Origami Owl®. 
Once the timer goes off, I have the guests count their tickets to see who has won the FREE charm.  I thank everyone for coming and let everyone know that I will be floating around to answer questions and be assisting with the Jewelry Bar table.

I hope you all find my presentation helpful.  Tweak it for your own Origami Owl® Jewelry Bars® and have fun with it!  After all, every time you go to work, you end up at a party!

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Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar® Booking Games


Booking Jewelry Bars® is the number one key to success in your Origami Owl® business.  Booking Jewelry Bars® doesn't have to be hard!  Origami Owl® Jewelry Bars® are a fun opportunity for a Girls Night Out and a fantastic way to earn FREE Jewelry.  Why wouldn't anyone want to host a Jewelry Bar®?  

In my experience as a Direct Sales consultant, I have found that playing booking games at your party is the quickest and easiest ways to book parties.  Booking games are a great addition to any Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar®.  In addition to helping you get more bookings, it will also entertain your guests.  I’ve found that I get more bookings by turning the process into a game instead of simply asking if a guest wants to host a party.

My favorite booking game and the one in my opinion that has produced the best results is 'Deal or No Deal'.   This game is a lot of fun to play with your guests and builds up the suspense of winning a FREE gift that no one can say no to booking a Jewelry Bar with you.

*15 Customer Packets
*14 Blank Notecards with Origami Owl® products written hand written as prizes on the inside. 
*1 Blank Notecard with 'ONE FREE LOCKET' written on the inside. 
Do not seal the notecards!
At the beginning of your presentation, pass out your customer packets.  In my customer packets, I always include a catalog, order form, recruiting flier, hostess exclusive flier, and a business card.  Each customer packet should also contain a 'Deal or No Deal' notecard.  After I have finished my explanation about how Origami Owl's® Hostess Benefits program works, I thank the hostess again for having me and thank all of the guests for coming as well.  I will then say how much fun I had with all of them today and how I would love to have a Girls Night Out with them in their homes with their friends and family.  Here is where you want to start building up the suspense and start pumping everyone up!  I will then ask the party guests to look inside their Customer packet to find an envelope.  I explain that we are going to play a really fun game and everyone has a chance to win FREE Jewelry!  The guests are now intrigued and buzzing with excitement at the prospect of winning FREE jewelry.  Everyone loves to feel like they are getting something for FREE so you will see all of them start digging through their customer packets looking for the envelope.  I then will exclaim "When you find your envelope, don't open it!!!"  This then creates even more suspense.  The suspense element is really important here, you really want to build that excitement so that everyone will go along with your game.  I then explain once everyone is holding their envelopes in their hand that everyone is holding an envelope with a FREE gift from me inside, an actual product from the catalog ranging in value from $10 to $40.  I further explain that inside ONE person's envelope is a FREE Locket.  I tell the guests if they have been thinking about booking a Jewelry Bar and having a fun Girls Night Out with their friends, they can open their envelopes.  Only those who are interested in booking a Jewelry Bar are allowed to see what is inside the envelope.  Guests are not allowed to peek inside their envelope and then make a decision.  They have to agree by saying "Deal!" and then they can open their envelope.  So I walk around the room and ask each guest "Deal or No Deal?"  If someone says "Deal!" go ahead and yell and scream and give a big "Woo hoo!"  She is now allowed to open her envelope to see what she has won.  Even if she has only won a FREE charm, make a big deal out of it and tell her how much fun she is going to have at her party!  Move on to the next guest, if they say "No Deal", ask them politely to hand the envelope back to you, they are not able to see what is inside.  It gets really exciting when someone actually does open the FREE locket.  Then there is a lot of cheering, hugging and happy dancing going on.  Isn't that the best way ever to book a party?  I knew you would love it!
Best of luck to you at your Jewelry Bars® and hopefully you leave with a lot of 'Deals!'
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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Origami Owl® Wait List is Over!

Happy Monday Friends! I am so excited to announce that the Origami Owl Wait List is finally over with!! Can you believe it?  I nearly almost fell out of my desk chair when I heard the announcement on Wednesday night.  There was certainly a lot of happy dancing and squealing going on as I called my DIW's and broke the news to them!

What an exciting few days it has been for Team Hoot Mamas!  With the end of the Origami Owl® Wait List, Team Hoot Mamas welcomed 35 new members this week.  It been an absolute blast sharing in my new team members excitement as they received their wings for the first time. I am truly blessed to be a mentor to so many fantastic ladies and looking forward to guiding them to success and watching their journey's unfold.

The process to join Origami Owl® and Team Hoot Mamas is now easier than ever!  This means that, going forward, anyone can immediately sign up to be a Designer simply by going to my website and clicking on Join Our Team.

Team Hoot Mamas is growing and we would love for you to join us on this amazing journey!  Please feel free to contact me at hootmamalockets@yahoo.com, I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. 

Can get a Hoot! Hoot! for what an exciting Fall this is going to be?