Monday, August 26, 2013

Create a Facebook Fan Page for Your Origami Owl® Business

Hello friends, I hope you all had a great weekend!  I had a fun Jewelry Bar® on Friday night and closed out two other Jewelry Bars®from the prior work.  Things have been so busy and I am loving it!  It seems like everywhere I go, ladies can't seem to get enough of our Lockets. It has truly been a very fun and rewarding experience sharing it with them.

An easy way to continue to share with your customers, hostesses, and team members is to have a Facebook Page.  It gives your friends another avenue to interact with you and a way for new customers to find you.  Even if you have a personal Facebook account that you use regularly, having a Facebook Fan page allows for a different type of interaction and also expands your audience.  A Facebook page is an ideal way to connect with your customers on Facebook, while a Facebook Group is better suited to interacting with your team.

With a Facebook Page you can add additional graphics & media, post links to sites that your readers might find interesting, and engage in a more casual conversation. You can also use your page to "like" other Fan pages and comment on those pages from your Facebook Page as opposed to your personal account.

I plan on conducting my very first Team Hoot Mamas conference call this week and the topic is all about 'Creating a Facebook Fan Page'.  I am so excited because this topic is so important when you are first getting started in your Origami Owl® business!

Are you ready to create a Facebook Fanpage for your Origami Owl® business?  Hoot! Hoot!  Then let's get started!

1. Go to to get started.   You’ll see a screen like this:  
Once you are there, click on the Create Page button in green at the top. 

2. Click on Brand or Product in the upper right box. You’ll be prompted to choose a category.

3. In the category dropdown, select Jewelry/Watches.

4. Type in your Facebook page name under the Category dropdown box, check the box to agree to Facebook's Terms of Service and click Get Started.  It's very important that you follow Origami Owl® guidelines and name your page URL:
5. Fill in some basic information about your Origami Owl® business.  Here, you can give a short description about yourself and your business, as well as links to your Origami Owl® website itself and to other social media profiles (such as your Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram account.)  Click 'Yes' on the two radio buttons at the bottom and hit 'Save Info'.

6. Next you’ll be prompted to upload a profile picture. I strongly feel your profile picture should be an actual head shot of yourself and not a logo or a picture of a locket.  Fans like to know who the person is behind the Fan page.  You can always add logos and picture of lockets to your cover photo.  If you don’t have a good picture at the moment, feel free to skip this step – you can always add a picture later.

7. Facebook will automatically add your new Fan page to your Favorites for easy access.
And your done!  Easy peasy, right?
You’ll be taken to your page, which has the admin panel across the top. Feel free to explore the various settings and options. There are all kinds of prompts to help you understand what to do.  You can invite your friends, add a cover photo, update your page info and update your about section all from your Admin panel. 

Pay special attention to the bottom right section of the admin panel.  This section allows you to claim a custom URL for your page. That means that instead of something like

Your URL will be “pretty” and easy to remember, like this:

Feel free to click on the link above and become a fan...I would love it if you did!

Now for the fun part!  Post your first photo or status update from your new fan page!!

Don't forget to also share your new Facebook page on your personal Facebook wall.  Announce to the world your new Origami Owl® business and encourage your friends to check out your page and 'Like' it.  Have a blast marketing your new business through your Facebook fan page.  Have fun with it!  Your enthusiasm will be contagious and everyone will want to check out your new business.  

I hope you all enjoyed learning the basics on how to create a Facebook Fanpage for your Origami Owl® business.  I hope to share more social media tips with you in the future.  I strongly feel that social media is the future of Direct Sales and I always try to share social media tips and tricks with my team.  Just another perk in joining Team Hoot Mamas! If you have any questions about creating a Facebook Fan Page for your Origami Owl® business or have any questions about joining Team Hoot Mamas, please feel free to email me at
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