Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hello from Sunny and HOT Phoenix!

Good morning friends! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.  I am having a blast out here in Phoenix at the very first Origami Owl National Convention!  I wanted to take a minute from all excitement to post a few pictures  and share a few updates.

I flew out of Cleveland Thursday morning and pretty much spent my entire day traveling.  I found a great rate for my flight but that also meant a 4 hour layover in Atlanta but I made the most of it!  I found a cute little Spa Express inside the Atlanta airport and decided to get a long over due manicure.

In the Origami Owl turquoise...of course!  I also met a lot of ladies at the airport also heading out West to the conference.  There were a lot of Owls flying around the Atlanta airport that day!  It was so fun to meet women from all over the country bursting with as much excitement that I was about what was to come the next few days.  

After I arrived in Phoenix, I immediately snapped this picture from my arriving gate.  How beautiful is Phoenix? I have never been and we certainly do not have mountains or palm trees in Cleveland, Ohio!!  It was a beautiful sight to see and couldn't wait to get to my hotel.

After checking in and getting settled into my hotel room, I decided to head over to the convention center and check in and grab my registration packet.  How amazing is the view from my hotel room? Downtown is on the left, mountains on the right.

While registering, the girl I chatted with surprised me by handing me a separate piece of paper explaining that I would be walking across the stage during General Session since I had recently promoted to Team Leader.  

I was so excited!  I had just found out a few days before that I had promoted in June and never imagined that I would have been part of the recognition ceremony already! I thought for sure I would have had to wait for next year.  What an unexpected blessing!

Later that evening I met up with my mentor and other members of my front line and down line.  My mentor Malinda and I cheering it up for the camera.  How cute is she?

We had such a great time, it was so nice meeting so many amazing women on our team.  I had only chatted with a few of them on our Facebook team message boards so it was great to finally meet so many face to face!

The next day kicked off General Session and I was just blown away by all the inspirational stories and announcements that Origami Owl has shared with us so far.  My fondest memory so far has to have been the story that Bella and her mom, Chrissy Weems, shared with us on how Origami Owl began.  

What an amazing journey this family has endured and it's only been 3 years since Bella began even thinking about her business idea.  I was absolutely blown away and deeply inspired by everything their family has accomplished so far.  It is a true testimonial how hard work, dedication and perseverance can payoff.  I honestly feel like I now have a new perspective of the true meaning behind Origami Owl and it only makes me want to work even harder.

One last picture before I run off to get ready for Day 2 of General Session.  Here is me (I am in the black Origami Owl t-shirt and white shorts) walking across the stage being recognized for my Promotion to Team Leader.  

Does it look like I am walking two feet off the ground? Well, that is exactly how I felt.  I have been working hard ever since I received my wings back in February and felt so blessed and honored to be there at that moment.

Check back later, I should have more updates from the White Out Party we attended last night and today's general session.

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