Friday, May 24, 2013

The Waiting is the Hardest Part...Origami Owl Wait List Update

Do I all have you singing Tom Petty now? Ha!  In all seriousness, I know a lot of you have been waiting a long time.  A few months in fact.  Some of you are so close you can taste it.  You look go into each new week wondering if this is the week you are finally going to get your wings.  I wish I could tell all of you when you will be receiving your Origami Owl® Designer invitation, inviting you to join us in this amazing opportunity but I don't.  What I can do is try to address several questions I have received lately in the hopes of providing you with some patience and motivation and perhaps a little bit of knowledge too.  After all, knowledge is power!!!

{Why Does my Wait List Number Continue to Increase?}

This is a common question I have been receiving a lot lately, primarily because there has not been a recent waive in several weeks.  You would like to think that your wait list number would be the same as it has been for a few weeks now, however, you have noticed it has gone up and not down.  Now how does that happen?  To provide you with some reassurance and encouragement, please do not worry about this.  It is completely normal.  What is happening is that there are a few individuals that have fallen through the wait list cracks so to speak.  For example, if a DIW knows their invitation should have been sent to their inbox by now, but they have not received it, they call to see what happened.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, the invitation could have gone to a SPAM mailbox or even been completely SPAM blocked by their email provider.  Instead of having the DIW go back on the wait list again, Origami Owl has graciously allowed these DIW's to still sign up even though their invitation has since expired.  As these type of one off issues arise, this bumps everyone on the wait list up by one number.

{Is Origami Owl Adding New Designers this Week?}

This is probably the question I receive the most every week and I honestly wish I had a good answer for you.  Several factors I am sure go into play when this decision is being made and I am sure this decision is not made lightly.  I know how it is to wait, I was also in your shoes and it is very hard when you want to be a part of something so badly!  Especially for us control freaks, you just don't like not having control of the situation.  You want to start planning Jewelry Bars, attending vendor events, selling lockets to your friends and family and most of all, growing your team!  Unfortunately, as DIW's you are not able to sell, host parties or attend vendor events, however, when you start to get closer to receiving your invitation, I would encourage you to start speaking to several potential hostesses just to keep the lines of communication open.  Do not schedule a specific date, however, let her know that you are as excited as she is and once you receive that official invitation, the party plans can begin!  And speaking of growing your team, did you know that DIW's can still grow their teams while they wait?  Have your recruit use your wait list confirmation number as the Mentor ID when they joining the wait list.  Once their invitation arrives, you will then have a Designer # and she can use that number instead.  Very easy! 

{Why Does Origami Owl Have a Wait List?}
The demand to become an Independent Designer has been amazing and Origami Owl® has created a wait list to ensure the proper infrastructure and support staff are in place to handle the exponential growth.

The Origami Owl® wait list was also created because the lockets became so popular so fast, that there simply wasn’t enough inventory to support the demand. Customers were waiting for 2-4 weeks for their orders. For a new Direct Sales company, this was not the right way to introduce their company to the world. At the same time, it was quite understandable as some Teams were selling over $100,000 in lockets for the month! Needless to say, there were more Independent Designers out there selling Lockets than inventory so a wait list was necessary.
How many are on the wait list? I just had a girl join my team this morning and her wait list number was 6,129. Currently Origami Owl® is allowing in 2,000 Independent Designers to join a week so she can expect to officially become an Independent Designer in 3-4 weeks.

So far, the wait list has been very successful in keeping everything on track. I hear constantly that, “I wish I got in when it was new.” Well the time is now, everything is still new and this is very much still a ground floor opportunity.  I am consultant 17,036. Can you imagine if you were the 17,000th consultant for a well known Direct Sales company today? For a small risk of only $149, you too can get in on the fun and start your own business and inspiring others. Would you like to create stories for people, connect people forever through charms and lockets. It is truly perfect for anyone and makes a perfect gift.

I foresee this company's growth to be tremendous in 2013 and beyond. Join my team and you will have one on one assistance and training from me. I am here for you every step of the way, either through building your locket or coaching you on helping others build theirs. If you would like to be a part of this amazing opportunity, email me at or join my team by going to my website and key in my designer number, 17036. Check us out on our Facebook page.
{What Do I Do While I Wait?}
Here are a few things that I recommend doing to use this "Designer In Waiting" time to it's fullest potential. First of all, do you have a mentor yet? A mentor is someone that will take you under their Owl wing to train you, answer questions and be your best friend through out your career. If you don't have a mentor yet, I would be both honored and humbled to be yours! I am available to you 24/7 via email, text, phone or Facebook. Whatever the easiest way is for you to communicate, I am here for you to answer any question you may have. My mentor id is 17036 and I would love to be yours! Once you have found a mentor, now is the the time to start working with her to plan your launch party. She will also introduce you to your fellow teammates, these will be the ladies that you share ideas with and become your closest friends through out this process. A few other things I recommend you do during this Designer In Waiting time are:
  • Start by wearing an Origami Owl® Locket everywhere you go. Don't own a locket yet? Contact your mentor, she can order one for you with her discount until you receive your kit. Even though you are not an official Origami Owl® Independent Designer yet, you can still share your locket with everyone you meet and show it off to your family, friends and co-workers.
  • Tell everybody you know that you joined the Origami Owl® Wait List. Let them know all of the fun opportunities coming their way and start booking those parties now! It is important to stay on top of your wait list number so you can conservatively book those party dates. You don't want to book your parties too soon just in case you do not receive your official invitation to join Origami Owl® in time.
  • Attend an Origami Owl® party! If your mentor isn't local, try to find an Independent Origami Owl® Designer and ask her if she would mind you tagging along at her next party. We are all fairly new and I am sure she wouldn't mind showing you what an actual Origami Owl Jewelry Bar is all about. Just a reminder though that you are not allowed to hold a party of your own until you become an actual Origami Owl® Independent Designer.
  • Join your Origami Owl® mentor's and upline's closed Facebook groups. Your mentor should have her own closed Facebook group and also be a member of several other Origami Owl® related closed groups. Let your mentor know that you would be interested in joining one of these groups. Facebook is an essential training and networking tool today in the direct sales industry today. It's the perfect tool for training opportunities, getting to know your other teammates and sharing ideas with one another.
  • Start designing and planning your own Jewelry Bar display. There are so many great retail locations to purchase white picture frames, jewelry busts, jewelry display items and other white serving pieces to show off Origami Owl®'s lockets, chains, dangles and charms. Go ahead and get creative!
  • Research a credit card reader for your smart phone. There will be opportunities where you will sell some of your inventory. You want to be prepared by being able to accept credit card payments right on the spot. Credit Card readers are very convenient and handy and only charge a small percentage per swipe. I currently use SquareUp which is so easy to use. SquareUp sends you the credit card reader for free along with a free app to use. You are only charged a small percentage per swipe. There are no monthly fees! There are a few Credit Card reader options you can choose from such as PayAnywhere and Paypal. Take the time to research one for yourself. Chose the one that is right for you!  
I hope this answers a few questions that you may have had as an excited DIW.  I know you are all eager to hit the ground running but some things are worth waiting for.  The best IS worth waiting for and you are worthy of the best!!  Have a wonderful holiday weekend!
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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Why Would You Want to Join My Origami Owl® Team?

Hello friends! I wanted to personally introduce myself and explain a little more what it's like joining the Hoot Mama's Team!   As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions.  Have a wonderful day!

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