Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Origami Owl Wait List

I started to hear about Origami Owl® and their beautiful Lockets a few months ago on Facebook.  A friend of mine had posted about how she was looking for a Origami Owl® Independent Designer. She also mentioned that there were not too many in the area just yet and wanted to purchase a locket as a gift. Since I was already a consultant for another company in the Direct Sales Industry, her post interested me immediately and I became curious to find out more.   I googled Origami Owl® and read up on how it was currently one of the fastest growing Direct Sales Companies in the country.  I continued to look into it even further and liked everything I read.  I then started to see myself actually selling Origami Owl®!  What?!? I had to be crazy to even be considering this! .  I was doing very well with my current company and just finished up my strongest year yet.  I am also a Mom of a baby and a toddler and anyone who has been through this stage of parenting knows there is just not too much time to be had with two little ones running around.   Not to mention I wasn't even sure how I was even going to share this exciting new dream with Jeff!  Surely, he would not be pleased.  However, I was still drawn to this exciting new company and had to find out for myself. I decided to interview possible mentors and find out everything I could to help make my decision easier. Since I was already experienced in the Direct Sales Industry, I had an idea on what questions to ask and also what qualities I wanted in a mentor.  I wanted a mentor who was friendly, positive, helpful, motivated and knowledgeable. 
After speaking with a few Independent Designers, I was even more excited and even more convinced that Origami Owl® was a company I wanted to be a part of. A ground floor opportunity with a foundation for me to achieve my dreams and to help other women achieve theirs as well.

With Jeff's blessing, I signed up on January 30th to become an Origami Owl® Designer in Waiting. Although I only waited a few weeks, it felt like months since I was so excited! I couldn't wait to hit the ground running with this company and finally be a part of what I had been hearing about over the past month.
On February 12th I finally received my official invitation to join Origami Owl®. I was so excited to finally "get my wings!" What exactly is a Designer in Waiting (DIW)? A DIW is someone who wishes to become an Origami Owl® Independent Designer, however, has been put on a waiting list to control the number of Independent Designers Origami Owl® let in at one time. The demand to become an Independent Designer has been amazing and Origami Owl® has created a wait list to ensure the proper infrastructure and support staff are in place to handle the exponential growth.
The Origami Owl® wait list was also created because the living lockets became so popular so fast, that there simply wasn’t enough inventory to support the demand. Customers were waiting for 2-4 weeks for their orders. For a new Direct Sales company, this was not the right way to introduce their company to the world. At the same time, it was quite understandable as some Teams were selling over $100,000 in lockets for the month! Needless to say, there were more Independent Designers out there selling Lockets than inventory so a wait list was necessary.
How many are on the wait list? I just had a girl join my team this morning and her wait list number was 6,129. Currently Origami Owl® is allowing in 2,000 Independent Designers to join a week so she can expect to officially become an Independent Designer in 3-4 weeks.

So far, the wait list has been very successful in keeping everything on track. I hear constantly that, “I wish I got in when it was new.” Well the time is now, everything is still new and this is very much still a ground floor opportunity. My most recent designer who was invited to officially join this week is consultant 23,000. I am consultant 17,036. Can you imagine if you were the 23,000th consultant for a well known Direct Sales company today? For a small risk of only $149, you too can get in on the fun and start your own business and inspiring others. Would you like to create stories for people, connect people forever through charms and lockets. It is truly perfect for anyone and makes a perfect gift.

I foresee this company's growth to be tremendous in 2013 and beyond. Join my team and you will have one on one assistance and training from me. I am here for you every step of the way, either through building your locket or coaching you on helping others build theirs. If you would like to be a part of this amazing opportunity, email me at hootmamalockets@yahoo.com or join my team by going to my website and key in my designer number, 17036. Check us out on our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/hootmamalockets.

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