Monday, December 30, 2013

Origami Owl® Designer Requirements

One of the biggest blessings of blogging and social media is being able to share my Origami Owl® story with others.  It has enabled me to answer questions from hundreds of ladies in all different stages of the business.   One of the questions that I hear most often from women interested in joining the business is: What is the minimum sales requirement to remain an active designer with Origami Owl®?

The Origami Owl® Designer requirements are fairly easy to achieve.  A designer must submit $199 in personal volume (PV)  in a rolling 6 month period to remain active.  This amounts to around $275 in retail sales or basically 4 to 5 complete lockets including charms and chains.  I personally love that the minimum requirement can be achieved in a "rolling 6 month period".  This truly provides a Designer with so much flexibility.  You can easily achieve this in one month or take the full 6 months to produce the $199 in PV.   For example, lets say you sell $100 in the first two months as an Origami Owl® Independent Designer.  You are already half way there with four months left to go.  You totally got this, right?  Then life takes over, your plate fills up, and unexpected distractions set in.  I certainly know how that can happen!  A month goes by and you realize you didn't sell any lockets this month.  That is more than OK!  You still have 3 more months to sell that remaining $99 in PV.  The following month, life opens up again and you start booking Jewelry Bars® left and right.  Your business has taken off and you are feeling happy, confident and successful.  You did more than just meet the minimum requirement, you blew it out of the water!

My advice to you to continuously achieve the Origami Owl® Designer requirements would be to be intentional and consistent in building your business.  You can easily do this by:
  • Jewelry Bars® - Filling your calendar with parties is the absolute best way to fulfill your PV requirement.  During a Jewelry Bar®, it is even more important to book future parties with the guests in attendance.  You can easily do this by playing Deal or No Deal, my favorite booking game.  I have challenged my Hoot Mamas to book more parties by playing Deal or No Deal and they will happily tell you it really does work!
  • Power Prospecting - Prospecting is the process of talking to people, in hopes that you will find some who are interested in joining you in purchasing your products or business opportunity.
  • Social Media - I am a firm believer that Social Media truly is the future of Direct Sales.  Create a Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Instagram and Pinterest Board all personally dedicated to your Origami Owl® business.  Invite all of your friends to join in and support you by following your journey via Social Media. 
  • Virtual Jewelry Bars - Have you or a friend host a Facebook or Take-Out Party.
  • Vendor Events - Attend a local Craft, Vendor or Bridal Show to expand your networking circle.
I know from personal experience how exhilarating and exciting it is when you start your new Origami Owl® business.  I also know that there is a little bit of uncertainty and nervousness regarding the minimum sales requirements.  Rest assured, your concerns will quickly fade once you get started.  Origami Owl® jewelry is so beautiful, versatile and sparkly, it simply sells itself!!  You will be amazed at how easy this product truly is to sell.  Of course, I will be right there with you cheering you on, sharing my experience and the proper methods on building a highly successful business.
Are you ready to join us?  As a member of Team Hoot Mama, you can do what you love and love what you do!  You can have the flexibility to run your own business while balancing family life, help customers design meaningful keepsakes and achieve the financial rewards in the process.  Join my first line team or contact me directly so I can connect you with a member of Team Hoot Mama's in your area as a part of my unique one on one mentoring program.  Either way, you are a member of the most inspiring, successful and fastest growing teams within Origami Owl®.  Contact me at to learn more.  

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Preparing Your Origami Owl® Business for Success in the New Year

Hey there Hoot Mamas!!  Whew!!  We did it!  What an amazing holiday busy season you all had.  Can you believe we broke yet another sales record?  I am one proud Mama and you should all be extremely proud of yourselves and everything that you accomplished.   I am sure you are all ready for a little rest, relaxation and perhaps a glass of wine...or two.  Go ahead and kick back, you deserve it!!  But not for too long....why?  Because now is the time to take advantage of the little down time that you have and start preparing for a successful 2014!  You don't want to lose your momentum or let all of those leads you collected while you were partying in November and December grow cold.  Here are a few tips to keep your Origami Owl® Business Jammin' in January and beyond.

1. Organize Your Leads -  The first thing to do when preparing for January is to go through all of the leads you have collected in the last few months and organize them.  Your leads are the most important asset in your business.  Run through all the names you have of people who said no because the timing was not right, or something was going on in their life that prevented them from starting their business.  By organizing that list NOW, you’ll be ready to call on prospects right after the New Year. The New Year is a great time when people are open to starting something new.  I keep a lead spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel that I am continuously updating.  My leads are organized into 4 categories: Scheduled Jewelry Bars®, Tentative Jewelry Bar®, Potential Customers and Recruiting Leads.  Here is what qualifies a lead to fall within a particular category.
  • Scheduled Jewelry Bars®- You have already scheduled an upcoming Jewelry Bar with this hostess.  Make sure if she does not have a hostess packet to send her one right away.  Celebrate the new year by letting her know how you are really looking forward to planning a Jewelry Bar with her.
  • Tentative Jewelry Bars® - These are the leads that have not committed to a Jewelry Bars® just yet, however, told you to "call them after Christmas" to set something up.  You want to contact these leads right away before their every day life takes over and calendars start to fill up again. 
  • Potential Customers - Potential Customers are the individuals that contacted you about placing an order for a Christmas gift, yet never followed through.  You want to follow up with them to see how their holiday was and if they were still interested in placing an order for perhaps another occasion. 
  • Recruiting Leads - Recruiting is typically slower in December as women are busy doing the shopping for their families.  Not a lot of people have time to start a business around the holidays, however, they have heard about Origami Owl®and really want to look into the opportunity more once life has settled down for them.  Perhaps they asked you a lot of questions at a recent Jewelry Bars® or have sent you an email asking for more information about the business.  Follow up with them via email and let them know you were thinking about them and if they had any questions about the amazing Origami Owl® opportunity.
Once you have organized your leads, set aside some time each day to pick up the phone and follow up.  Remember, the fortune is always in the follow up!!!

2. Book Parties Using the Valentine's Day Supplements - Who isn't excited about the beautiful new Valentine's Day line coming out in just a few days?  I know I have been swooning over all of the new charms and that amazing heart locket!!!  Isn't that what our customers have been asking for?  Now is the time to book those January and February parties by sharing the Valentine's Day line with everyone you know.  Host a 'Jammies and Java in January' themed Jewelry Bar® by having guests show up in their most comfortable winter pajamas.  Who doesn't love to shop in their jammies while sipping their favorite cup of coffee?
Ladies love having a low-key, comfortable and fun shopping experience!

3. Update Your Monthly Connection Newsletter - I know this is something that I really need to do and am very much looking forward to working on in the next few days.  I collected several email addresses from holiday vendor shows, Jewelry Bars®, single order customers and email inquiries over the last few months and I want to keep in touch with them.  The monthly newsletter is the perfect opportunity to keep your leads informed of the latest information and products.

4. Organize Your Office and Inventory - Every Corporation goes through a year end close process and you should not treat your own business any differently.  Organize and file your paperwork, purge what you don't need and de-clutter your desk.  I am the type of person that needs a clean and clutter free desk to feel organized and productive and can not wait to tackle that pile of papers just sitting in my in bin!  I also carry a decent inventory and know that it is starting to look a little picked over after all of the last minute gift orders I filled for friends and neighbors in the final days leading up to Christmas.  I keep a spreadsheet of all my inventory and know that it needs updating.  Once my inventory report has been updated and organized, I plan on putting through a business supply order to replace anything that I may still need.

5. Set Your Goals for 2014 - As you are setting goals for 2014, don't be afraid to dream big and step outside your comfort zone.  Challenge yourself to try something new.  If your goal is big, don't forget to break it down into smaller goals so that you can celebrate along the way!  It won't be easy but with hard work and determination, you will look back and realize that when you reach your goals, it was the greatest decision you made.  When we take the time to set goals, we ensure our life is geared toward getting the most out of every moment and making our business our own.

Team Hoot Mamas is full of the most successful and inspiring ladies and I am so grateful to be among them each and every day.  I am just bursting with excitement to see what 2014 will bring to my team.  Wishing you health, happiness and much success in 2014!!

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Join Origami Owl® and Give Yourself the Best Gift of All.

Happy Holidays Hoot Mamas!  I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas filled with the many blessings of faith, family and fun.  As I try to get my house back in order today and help my kids put together their new toys, I find myself reflecting on the many blessings that filled my life this holiday season and know that it would not had been possible without the gift of Origami Owl® that I gave myself last Christmas.  Joining Origami Owl® and starting my own business is a huge part of our story and I now see and know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord placed this opportunity in our lives at the right time.  I am so thankful that I had the courage to step outside of my comfort zone and take that leap of faith. My at the blessings our family would have missed out on had I let this opportunity pass me by one year ago. If this is an opportunity you have been wanting to explore, I would love to share my story with you. I encourage you to always follow your heart, know that anything is possible, never give up on your dreams, always keep moving forward (no matter what life throws at you) and always find the positive in every situation. He has great plans for your life and my life in 2014! 

 Why is now the best time of year to join Origami Owl®? 
  • Earn Extra Money and Pay off Christmas Debt.
  • Origami Owl® has a new Valentine's Day collection coming out in just a few days.  It is simply beautiful and a huge opportunity to help you book parties in the next coming months.
  • Celebrate the New Year with a fun and flexible new opportunity.  A small investment of $149 is all you need to start your own business today.
  • Origami Owl® SOAR events are coming to an area near you in the next few months...the perfect opportunity for training, learning the business and meeting new friends.
I really need to pinch myself sometimes because I truly am living my dream! This past year I have built a team of over 160 amazing ladies, promoted 3 times in 8 months, earned top mentor title 3 months in a row and qualified as one of the top 150 Designers in the company to earn a trip for two to Cabo San Lucas this Winter.  I took a huge leap of faith out of my comfort zone and jumped in completely head first.  It hasn't been easy, it was NOT an over night success, and I had to work hard.   Part of the reward has been the journey!  Are you willing to start your journey today?  Whether it's joining me in business or something else you have been putting off, just jump in today!  I am so blessed to have Origami Owl® as a part of my life and so thankful for the opportunities it has given to me and my family.   What started out as a way to earn extra money, has become something exciting and successful.  It would be an honor and a blessing to be your mentor and I will help you every step of the way.  As a member of Team Hoot Mama, you will receive valuable resources and one on one training opportunities designed to help focus your efforts on successfully growing your business.  You will benefit through online training, one-on-one coaching, team conference calls, social media training and more.

Are you ready to join us?  As a member of Team Hoot Mama, you can do what you love and love what you do!  You can have the flexibility to run your own business while balancing family life, help customers design meaningful keepsakes and achieve the financial rewards in the process.  Join my first line team or contact me directly so I can connect you with a member of Team Hoot Mama's in your area as a part of my unique one on one mentoring program.  Either way, you are a member of the most inspiring, successful and fastest growing teams within Origami Owl®.  Contact me at to learn more.  How will your life change when you give yourself the gift of Origami Owl®?

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Thankful for my Hoot Mamas Week {Join Origami Owl®}

It's no secret how much I love and adore my team the oh so fabulous Hoot Mamas!  As a Senior Team Leader to over 140 ladies, I am continuously reminded every day how truly blessed I am.  In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I am kicking off the first annual  'Thankful for my Hoot Mams Week'.  What better time of year than to show my amazing Hoot Mamas just how much they mean to me?  As a member of Team Hoot Mamas, you have a chance to earn so many exciting incentives from me during this amazing week:
  • FREE Origami Owl® Products
  • FREE Business Supplies
  • Target Gift Cards ~ Who doesn't love a Target Gift Card?
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • A copy of  'Rock Your Network Marketing Business' by Sarah Robbins
Not a member of Hoot Mamas yet?  Thinking of joining the fastest growing Origami Owl® team?  No worries at all, you too can participate in the 'Thankful for my Hoot Mamas Week' celebration!  With the holiday shopping season in full swing and the most exciting week happening in Hoot Mama history, there is no better time to join Origami Owl® than right now!  Contact me at, I look forward to hearing from you!

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar® Booking Tree

Hey Hoot Mamas!  TGIF, right??  I hope you are all having a wonderful week and looking forward to the weekend!  Is your Jewelry Bar® calendar starting to fill up with holiday parties and events?  I know mine is and it is beyond exciting!!!  I wanted to share with you all an Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar® Booking Tree that I made to maximize my bookings for a recent vendor show.  Isn't she cute?

You all know how much I love playing booking games and taking advantage of every opportunity to book a Jewelry Bar® and I just knew that I had to add a Booking Tree to my bag of tricks.  I couldn't think of a more perfect opportunity than a vendor show to give her a try.   Using a visual tool like a Booking Tree to share your available dates at your home parties is the quickest way to solidify even more bookings.  
The one thing I love about a Booking Tree is that you have complete control of your calendar.  You already know what Jewelry Bar® dates work for you and it is up to your potential hostess to pick one of your many dates you have already pre-selected for her to host a Jewelry Bar®.  This not only supports the balance in your life, it also can increase your bookings because you are intentional about offering those dates to your Jewelry Bar® hostesses.  A Booking Tree is perfect for potential Origami Owl® hostesses who were actually considering doing a Jewelry Bar® anyway, by offering her an incentive that might be what you need to turn that maybe in to a yes! 
An Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar® Booking Tree is so easy to make, you simply need to purchase the following items:
  • Jewelry Rounder or Photo Stand - I purchased my Owl one at Marshalls for $9.99.
  • Small colored envelopes - Target $6
  • Colored Ribbon
  • Hole Punch
You simply fill out your party dates on the cards  and attach them to the booking tree by using the hole punch and attaching the card to the stand with a ribbon.  Inside the card you will need to write in your prizes.  My prizes ranged from a free charm all the way up to a free locket.
Tell your guests that these are the dates you're available over the next several weeks and that once they choose the date they want, the gift attached to that card is theirs to keep. Then simply ask them to fill out their information on the card and give you five minutes before they leave, so you can get write in the date in your planner and provide them with a hostess packet. It's so simple that you'll find that your Jewelry Bars®seem to book themselves! 
Booking Jewelry Bars® are the life line of your Origami Owl® business, however, you want to do it in a way that is effective and fun with very little pressure.  Good luck in all of your Jewelry Bar® bookings!  
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

How to Have a Successful Origami Owl® Vendor Event

Hey there Hoot Mamas!  I am so thrilled that you have decided to join me this evening!  Tonight, I am facilitating a Team Hoot Mama conference call all about How to Have a Successful Origami Owl® Vendor Event.  As the weather grows colder, the Fall and Winter craft and vendor show season really starts to heat up.  It seems like every church, school and organization in your community is hosting a vendor or craft show.  For an Origami Owl® Designer, this can be a very busy and exciting time of year!  Now you can take part in craft and vendor fairs all year long, but there is no easier time to jump in than the fall.  Fall is prime buying season which means people come to these events looking to start tackling their Christmas lists.  I don't think there is a more perfect Christmas gift than a personalized Origami Owl® Living Locket.  Here are a few tips to help you have an amazingly successful Origami Owl® Vendor Event!

First, I have to say before we even get started that Vendor Events should not be the lifeline of your business...Jewelry Bars®should be. Vendor shows are great for finding new customer and getting your name out there.  If you have the opportunity to book a Jewelry Bar® on the same day as a vendor show, choose the Jewelry Bar®.  It can becoming pretty pricey if you replace vendor shows with Jewelry Bars®.  With that said, vendor shows can be very helpful in your Origami Owl® business if they are done properly.  We are going to start off with some basics to make sure that we are all on the same page.

Before you even get started researching Vendor Events, you will want to familiarize yourself with Origami Owl® Policies and Procedures on Vendor Show and Events so you know what is expected of you as an Independent Designer representing Origami Owl®.


The purpose of a vendor show is to find new hostesses, customers and potential team members.  Think about what your goals are for this vendor event and focus your energy there.  Do you want to book more parties?  Looking to grow your Origami Owl® team?  Or sell some of your inventory?

I keep an eye out for the women who need some extra income or who is looking for a girls night out to escape the every day chaos.  I invite them into my booth to see what Origami Owl® can do for them.


Google Vendor Events in Your Community with these key terms:
  • Local Festivals
  • County Fairs
  • Job Fairs
  • Craft Shows
  • Bridal Shows


Once you locate an event that you would be interested in, you will want to confirm with the event coordinator that there isn't another Origami Owl® Independent Designer signed up already.  I typically will pay only $25 - $75 for an event that I will attend by myself.  If the fee is more expensive than what I am willing to pay on my own, I will contact another team member to see if she would be interested in splitting the booth fee with me.  This also means splitting the leads, use your own judgment on how you would like to handle.  Very large vendor events can be pretty expensive and can range up to $700.  Be sure to do your homework before investing this kind of money.  With an event this size, it's best to enlist the help of several team members.


  • Is this a first time event?
  • How well was this event marketed?
  • How many people has this event attracted in the past?
  • How many vendors will be in attendance?

Don't be afraid to ask these questions, you want to make sure this event is worth your time and money.  For larger events, I have even spoken to a vendor from another Direct Sales Company who has had experience this event in the past.  I want to get her knowledge and advice about her experience to see if it is something I would be interested in.

You also want to familiarize yourself with the Policies and Procedures of that particular event.  A few other questions to ask the event coordinator are:

  • If the event is outside, what is there is bad weather?
  • How early do you need to arrive to set up your booth?
  • Is the event supplying vendors with tables or do you have to bring your own?
  • Is there a contract to sign?
You want to make sure there are no surprises when you show up. 


When setting up your booth, you want to keep these key points in mind:

  • Keep it clean and simple.
  • Keep it inviting.
  • An more importantly, is it obvious that it's an Origami Owl® booth?
  • What makes your booth unique.
  • Would I stop at my booth if I were a passers by?
Setting up your booth should not be difficult, grab a tablecloth, your kit, and a tent if the event were outside.  You want to make your job look and fun and easy incase any potential team members stop by.  Now that you have your booth set up, now how do you get people into your booth?  Offer a Giveaway!  You can giveaway a $25 Origami Owl® gift card or an OO product.  Women are very visual and would love to win one of our pretty, sparkly lockets.  Have a pad of paper and a sign that you are doing a giveaway.  After speaking to each person who stops by your booth, say to them "It was such a pleasure speaking with you, would you like to enter my giveaway?"  Who doesn't love free stuff?  I have not had anyone turn me down yet.  Ask them to write on your notepad their name, phone number and email address so you can contact them if they won.  At the end of the vendor show, you now have everyone's email address that you spoke to.  The biggest benefit to doing this is that you can now add all of their emails to your Origami Owl® monthly newsletter. 

This year, I am trying something new at my vendor events and displaying a booking tree.  It's a similar idea to my Deal or No Deal booking game.  It offers a prize for booking a party on the date they selected.

You always want to stand outside of your booth and invite people in.  Do not sit behind your booth, it makes you look unapproachable.


One of the biggest questions I receive when I am working my booth is "Can I have a catalog?"  I don't mind handing out catalogs, don't get me wrong, you just don't want to give a catalog to everyone.  That can get pretty expensive!  What I do is that I have all of my old catalogs sitting out and I have them labeled.  And that label says something catchy...'Although this catalog is old, take one look and you will be sold.  Contact me for a new catalog!'

This is a great way to get rid of your old catalogs.  And its a great way to conserve my new catalogs.  I keep my current catalogs out of sight and reserve them only for serious leads such as someone wanting to book a party or join Team Hoot Mamas. 

Some other things to have on the table are business cards, recruiting packets for potential team members, and of course, a little jar of suckers or stickers to give to all the little kids that stop by your booth.  Keep in mind, you want to keep a clutter free area.

Under the table, you will want to keep hostess packet for all interested in booking parties.  You are going to want to keep your booking calendar tucked away for easy access for those who want to book their parties that day.  Keep a notepad of all the warm and hot leads that you receive.  Keep notes about what you talked about.  They will all start to run together as your day goes on and what you are going to want to remember what you and that sweet stay at home mom talked about that stopped by your booth and wanted to learn more about becoming a Designer.  She would make the perfect addition to your team and you don't want to forget what you two talked about. 


When I get home from my event, I send out a mass email reminding them that we met at the event and thanking them for their time.  Congratulate the winner of your giveaway and let them know you will be in touch with them.  This keeps the conversation going and the relationship building.  I add any hot or warm lead to my lead binder that I keep with me at all times.  If I am ever in the car waiting to pick up my daughter at preschool or have a few minutes during my kid's naptime, I pick up the phone and call my leads. 

It is imperative to make an appointment in your calendar in a few days after the event to follow up with all of your leads before they go cold.  If you don't schedule time for follow up them you wasted your money by letting those leads go cold.

  • DO stand in front of your booth and talk to people.
  • DON'T sit your chair and wait for them to come to you.
  • DO call your leads and
  • DON'T talk yourself out of it by telling yourself you are bugging them.
  • DO put your cell phone away and
  • DON'T text or Facebook from your booth the entire time.
  • DO have a sign at your booth that says 'Join My Origami Owl® Team'
  • DO make the best out of your event even if there is a low attendance.
  • DON'T forget to get to know the other vendors and leave your business cards with them. 
  • DO your homework so there are NO surprises when you arrive at the event.
  • DON'T eat at your booth.
  • DO work smarter, not harder.
  • DO talk to everyone who passes by and
  • DON'T prejudge, you never know who is needs a little Origami Owl® in their life.
  • DO build a good relationship with the event coordinator and
  • DON'T forget to ask to secure your spot at their next event.
  • DO remember you are representing Origami Owl® at your booth and you always want to be a Force for Good. 
I hope you found these tips to be helpful! Have you been signing up for Fall Craft and Vendors shows yet?  I would love to hear how you plan on having a Successful Origami Owl® Vendor Event.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Origami Owl® Training

Hey there Hoot Mamas!  I hope you are all enjoying this fabulous week!  The weather here has been Ahh-maz-ing!  Can we give a big Hoot! Hoot! for beautiful Fall weather??  What's the Fall weather been like in your area?

Not only am I excited for things to come in October, but I am still celebrating September.  Team Hoot Mamas just ended its best month ever....we reached 80 team members, broke sales records, lots of big promotions, and so many ladies earned the new designer Soar incentive!  I am so proud of my team, they really worked their little Owl tails off this month.  So excited to see how October unfolds, I have a feeling it's going to be even better with the launch of the new Fall catalog!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to participate in the Ohio Regional Origami Owl® Training Session.  It was so much fun and I had a chance to meet several of my Hoot Mamas that I had never met before.  You can imagine my excitement meeting so many amazing ladies that have had a huge impact on my life.  I value each and everyone of my team members and hope that one day I get a chance to meet each and every one. 

The training took place in Columbus, Ohio and to say that we had a room with a view was an understatement.  How could I not have been inspired just starting at beautiful downtown Columbus the entire time?  It was a breathtakingly beautiful Fall Day!

Team Hoot Mamas at the Columbus, Ohio training session!!!  We were so excited to have been able to spend some quality time together getting to know one another and sharing our love of Origami Owl®!

Origami Owl® Designers, can you guess the name of the woman above? She is the fabulous presenter on our Monday evening webinars.  I will give you a hint, she sounds just like Mary Poppins!!  That is right, it's Ann Raulston, VP of Field Sales.  She was every bit as lovely as she sounds on the webinars and I actually had the pleasure of answering one of her questions that she directed to the audience.   You can only imagine how excited and nervous I was answering her questions, thankfully I got it right.

Here I am listening intently to the 'Mock Jewelry Bar®'.   Someone on the team saw this picture posted on Facebook and instantly knew the girl in the chevron top was me.  I admit, I have a bit of a chevron obsession, you will certainly get to know that about me!

After training was over with, members of team Hoot Mamas and my mentor's team, The Owlista's, headed over to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  Yummy!!!  Here is a group photo of The Owlista's and Team Hoot Mamas in front of the Polaris fountains.  We had such an amazing time in Columbus hanging out with our fellow Origami Owl® sister's.  I can not wait until next year at conference when we will all be together again!

If you are an Origami Owl® Independent Designer and haven't had a chance yet to attend your regional training session, keep an eye out on any updates from The Nest or contact your upline to learn more. 
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar® Booking Ideas

Hey there Hoot Mamas, I hope you are all having a great week!  The weather has been beautiful here and we are enjoying every bit of this beautiful Fall! 
Every other week I typically hold conference calls with my team.  As I was trying to think of a topic for this week's call, I tried to think about what would be the most beneficial, especially for my new team mates.  I am sure a lot of you are in the same boat as my new just received your kit, you are absolutely in love with the beautiful jewelry, but now what???  You need to start booking Jewelry Bars®!!!
I put together a list of ideas to help you in thinking outside of the box and start booking those parties!
  • Have a Facebook/Virtual Party - Connect with your friends all over the country.  Set a date and time for everyone to log in to Facebook.  Offer a door prize to those who attend, an additional incentive to those who ask questions about your business and then let them shop away!  As the hostess, you can either earn the hostess rewards for yourself to earn inventory, or raffle off the rewards as an extra incentive to those who attend and place an order.
  • Party On the Go - Fill up a pouch or bag with a few catalogs, orders forms, hostess exclusive flier, recruiting flier and a few lockets complete with charms, dangles and a chain and let the products sell themselves!  Give to the hostess to take to work, a friend's house, family get together or a girl's night out.  She collects the orders and earns FREE jewelry from all the hostess benefits. 
  • Mystery Hostess Party - Guests earn tickets various ways in order to win the hostess rewards.  This can be done on-line or in a home.  Guests can earn tickets by brining a friend, bringing an outside order, booking a party, or signing up as a Designer.  Get creative!!!  Once all the orders are in, draw a ticket to see who wins the hostess benefits.   
  • Heels and Deals Booking Blitz - Pull together your list of FRANKS (Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Kids (Mom's of Your Kids's friends), Spouse (Wife's of your Spouses friends).  Put on your sassiest pair of heels, your hottest lip stick and set the timer on your phone for one hour.  Call as many people as you can in that hour asking them to host a party or just to say thank you for supporting your business.  Build that relationship with your customer, a phone call really does go a long way.  Having those sassy heals and lipstick on really does go along way, when you feel sassy and confident, it will shine through to the other end of the line.  Try it and see what happens!!! 
  • Booking Blitz Buddies - You know how they say you are more likely to succeed with your diet if you have a buddy?  The same goes for Booking Blitz's!  Try the Heels and Deals booking blitz with a fellow Designer.  Knowing that you have the support of a fellow Origami Owl® sister will make the Booking Blitz go a lot quicker and will be a little less scary if you know you have a buddy cheering you on.  Once your power hour is up, call each other to share your success stories!

  • Open House/Launch Party/New Product Premier - You do not have to have your launch party only when you first become a Designer.  You can have an Open House/Launch Party/New Product Premier style party to celebrate a new catalog, a new special, or just an excuse to get your family and friends together. 

  • School Events - Ask to set up a table at a School sporting event, Open house, PTA meeting, Band Concert, etc.

  • Kid's Sporting Event - I am actually using this idea from a fellow Hoot Mama.  She set up a small table display at her child's Soccer game and the Soccer Mom's went wild!!  Make sure to pass out catalogs to all the Mom's for both the home and away teams.  Soccer Mom's love Origami Owl®.  Don't forget to purchase in advance a lot of Soccer ball charms!

  • Mommy and Me Tea Party/Brunch - Have Mom's and Daughters of all ages gather at your home or even a Tea room/Coffee shop for a morning of fun and pampering.   Serve finger sandwiches, cookies and tea/punch.  You can even team up with anther direct sales company that offers pampering products and have her invite her guests.  You can both share in the leads and the pampering!

  • Neighborhood Ambush - Distribute fliers with your information and a coupon for 'One FREE Charm' for scheduling a party with you.  You can choose your neighborhood or every neighborhood in the city!  I love to do this during my Kid's naptime.  I load up the kids in the car with a few hundred fliers and pass them out to all the neighborhoods in my city as the kids sleep soundly in their car seats.  It's a great way to have a very productive nap time!

  • Shopapalooza - This is a great idea to do around the holidays.  Team up with friends who sell for other Direct Sales Companies and host a one stop shop!!   Each consultant will invite their friends, family, contacts and previous customers.  In return, you all gain new customers from the huge pool of attendees.  It's a great way to network with other Direct Sales consultants and gain new customers at the same time!

  • Have Your Friends Help! - Give your friends a locket to wear if they do not own one already.  Have them wear it to work, the grocery store, Target, their kids's extracurricular activities.  Arm them with catalogs and Business cards too so when people ask them where they bought their beautiful locket, your friends will let them know!

  • Booking Games - There are so many different booking games out there to play during your Jewelry Bar®.  I shared with you my favorite booking game, Deal or No Deal, and it has worked many times!!  Team Hoot Mamas can provide real life testimonials on how well it has worked for them too!

Great Places to Leave Catalogs for Potential Bookings

  • Hair Salons/Boutiques/Personal Gyms - Ask to set up a small display with catalogs and fliers, if a display will not work, ask to leave your catalogs in a common area of the facility.

  • Doctors Offices/Hospital Waiting Rooms- I have personally left several catalogs my kid's Pediatrician's office and Hospital Waiting rooms.  Be sure to introduce yourself to the receptionist and let her know of your new business.  See if she will mind if you leave a few catalogs behind.

  • Break Room at Place of Employment -  Leave a catalog in the break room/lunchroom at your place of employment.  Are you a Stay At Home Mom?  Then ask your spouse to bring catalogs to work and pass them around and leave them in his break room or lunch room.

  • Teacher's Lounge at Your Child's School - Ask your child's teach or principal if they have a lounge that they could leave a few of your catalogs in.  Teacher's love Origami Owl®!!

  • Leave a Catalog with your Waitress - If you received amazing service while you were out to dinner or think your waitress would make an amazing Designer on your team, leave her a catalog or your Business Card.  Leave a personalized note just for her on how she would make an amazing addition to your team or party hostess.  She will give you a call just to hear more!  .
Do you have any booking ideas that worked for you?  I would love to hear!  Please leave me a comment and share your success stories!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar® Presentation 101

I never in a million years would have imagined that I would be writing a blog post about an Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar® Presentation.  My whole life I shied away from speaking in front of others.  Even in college, I waited until the last possible semester before graduation to take the required Interpersonal Communication - Speech 101 class.  I absolutely dreaded speaking in front of people about anything!  Imagine my surprise when a few years ago I was drawn to Direct Sales after attending a party.  I couldn't believe that I was actually considering doing something that required speaking in front of others and actually giving a presentation! 

I have to admit, at my very first party I barely gave a presentation.  I was way too nervous about everything that the thought of actually standing up and speaking in front of people on top of it was just too much.  Basically, I just passed around the products and said "Let me know if you have any questions!"  We all have to start somewhere, right?  I knew I had to get better at this if I wanted my career to go anywhere so I decided to research how to give a Party Presentation.  I wrote up my own version of how I thought a Party Presentation should go and decided to set a few small goals for myself.  At every party, I would force myself to complete bits and pieces of my presentation until finally at one party I completed the whole thing.  I actually even played a booking game!  After that, I never looked back and actually started ENJOYING presenting at parties.  What an exhilarating feeling it!  I faced my fears and tackled them dead on.  I slowly started to gain more bookings, more recruits, and of course, my confidence.

Here is how my Party Presentation looks today, I hope that you find it useful and that it helps you get over those Party Presenting jitters too.

Throughout my presentation I hand out raffle tickets to anyone who asks me a question.  You can purchase a roll of raffle tickets at Target for less than $10. 
  • I introduce myself and tell the story on how I know the hostess.
  • I tell everyone that I will be passing out raffle tickets throughout my presentation anytime someone asks a question and that whoever ends up with the most tickets at the end of my presentation receives one FREE charm. 
Thank the Hostess 
  • Thank the Hostess for having a Jewelry Bar®.
  • Give the Hostess her Gift.
  • I then go around the room and each guest introduce themselves by saying their name, how they know the hostess, one nice thing about the hostess, and what charm they think the hostess would pick for her locket.  (This give an opportunity to talk about the charms and will also provide ideas on what charms the guests can select for their own personal locket).
Talk about Origami Owl®
  • Ask who has ever been to an Origami Owl®Jewelry Bar®.
  • Share Bella's story on how at 14 years old she had a dream to purchase a car of her own. 
Talk about the Jewelry Bar®
  • Unique to Origami Owl®.
  • Share the 5 Steps on building a Locket.
  • Build a locket for the guests to see how it works.
  • Share my locket and why it's important to me.
Share the Origami Owl® Opportunity 
  • Talk about the benefits of becoming a Designer with Origami Owl®.
  • Share how much the average new Designer makes at a Jewelry Bar®
  • Talk about in what ways Origami Owl® has blessed my life. 
Hostess Rewards
  • Share Origami Owl® Hostess Rewards Program.
  • Talk about the Hostess Exclusive that month and what is included.
  • Play my favorite booking game - Deal or No Deal
  • Play 20 Question Game in Two Minutes 
If time allows, I will play the 20 Questions in Two Minutes Game at the end of my presentation.  This is an opportunity for the guests to ask you questions and earn more tickets.  I suggest to the guests that they ask me anything they want: my family, my life as a Designer with Origami Owl®, anything they want.  I set my iPhone time for 2 minutes and guests will start firing as many questions as they can at me to learn more about me, the opportunity and Origami Owl®. 
Once the timer goes off, I have the guests count their tickets to see who has won the FREE charm.  I thank everyone for coming and let everyone know that I will be floating around to answer questions and be assisting with the Jewelry Bar table.

I hope you all find my presentation helpful.  Tweak it for your own Origami Owl® Jewelry Bars® and have fun with it!  After all, every time you go to work, you end up at a party!

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Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar® Booking Games


Booking Jewelry Bars® is the number one key to success in your Origami Owl® business.  Booking Jewelry Bars® doesn't have to be hard!  Origami Owl® Jewelry Bars® are a fun opportunity for a Girls Night Out and a fantastic way to earn FREE Jewelry.  Why wouldn't anyone want to host a Jewelry Bar®?  

In my experience as a Direct Sales consultant, I have found that playing booking games at your party is the quickest and easiest ways to book parties.  Booking games are a great addition to any Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar®.  In addition to helping you get more bookings, it will also entertain your guests.  I’ve found that I get more bookings by turning the process into a game instead of simply asking if a guest wants to host a party.

My favorite booking game and the one in my opinion that has produced the best results is 'Deal or No Deal'.   This game is a lot of fun to play with your guests and builds up the suspense of winning a FREE gift that no one can say no to booking a Jewelry Bar with you.

*15 Customer Packets
*14 Blank Notecards with Origami Owl® products written hand written as prizes on the inside. 
*1 Blank Notecard with 'ONE FREE LOCKET' written on the inside. 
Do not seal the notecards!
At the beginning of your presentation, pass out your customer packets.  In my customer packets, I always include a catalog, order form, recruiting flier, hostess exclusive flier, and a business card.  Each customer packet should also contain a 'Deal or No Deal' notecard.  After I have finished my explanation about how Origami Owl's® Hostess Benefits program works, I thank the hostess again for having me and thank all of the guests for coming as well.  I will then say how much fun I had with all of them today and how I would love to have a Girls Night Out with them in their homes with their friends and family.  Here is where you want to start building up the suspense and start pumping everyone up!  I will then ask the party guests to look inside their Customer packet to find an envelope.  I explain that we are going to play a really fun game and everyone has a chance to win FREE Jewelry!  The guests are now intrigued and buzzing with excitement at the prospect of winning FREE jewelry.  Everyone loves to feel like they are getting something for FREE so you will see all of them start digging through their customer packets looking for the envelope.  I then will exclaim "When you find your envelope, don't open it!!!"  This then creates even more suspense.  The suspense element is really important here, you really want to build that excitement so that everyone will go along with your game.  I then explain once everyone is holding their envelopes in their hand that everyone is holding an envelope with a FREE gift from me inside, an actual product from the catalog ranging in value from $10 to $40.  I further explain that inside ONE person's envelope is a FREE Locket.  I tell the guests if they have been thinking about booking a Jewelry Bar and having a fun Girls Night Out with their friends, they can open their envelopes.  Only those who are interested in booking a Jewelry Bar are allowed to see what is inside the envelope.  Guests are not allowed to peek inside their envelope and then make a decision.  They have to agree by saying "Deal!" and then they can open their envelope.  So I walk around the room and ask each guest "Deal or No Deal?"  If someone says "Deal!" go ahead and yell and scream and give a big "Woo hoo!"  She is now allowed to open her envelope to see what she has won.  Even if she has only won a FREE charm, make a big deal out of it and tell her how much fun she is going to have at her party!  Move on to the next guest, if they say "No Deal", ask them politely to hand the envelope back to you, they are not able to see what is inside.  It gets really exciting when someone actually does open the FREE locket.  Then there is a lot of cheering, hugging and happy dancing going on.  Isn't that the best way ever to book a party?  I knew you would love it!
Best of luck to you at your Jewelry Bars® and hopefully you leave with a lot of 'Deals!'
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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Origami Owl® Wait List is Over!

Happy Monday Friends! I am so excited to announce that the Origami Owl Wait List is finally over with!! Can you believe it?  I nearly almost fell out of my desk chair when I heard the announcement on Wednesday night.  There was certainly a lot of happy dancing and squealing going on as I called my DIW's and broke the news to them!

What an exciting few days it has been for Team Hoot Mamas!  With the end of the Origami Owl® Wait List, Team Hoot Mamas welcomed 35 new members this week.  It been an absolute blast sharing in my new team members excitement as they received their wings for the first time. I am truly blessed to be a mentor to so many fantastic ladies and looking forward to guiding them to success and watching their journey's unfold.

The process to join Origami Owl® and Team Hoot Mamas is now easier than ever!  This means that, going forward, anyone can immediately sign up to be a Designer simply by going to my website and clicking on Join Our Team.

Team Hoot Mamas is growing and we would love for you to join us on this amazing journey!  Please feel free to contact me at, I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. 

Can get a Hoot! Hoot! for what an exciting Fall this is going to be?

Friday, August 30, 2013

Origami Owl Career Plan

I am truly blessed to have found Origami Owl which provides me with a job that is absolutely perfect for me at this stage in my life.  Every day I do what I love and love what I do.  My "Why" and reason for joining Origami Owl is my family.  It is a huge blessing for me to be able to stay at home with my children! I enjoy the constant laughter that fills my home and the joy of making memories with them every day. A girl just couldn’t ask for better bosses!  With so many different reasons to join Origami Owl®, I think we can all agree on one of the most important reasons is the generous Origami Owl® Career Plan.  The monthly qualifications are easy to achieve and provide you with so much flexibility to reach your financial goals.  Origami Owl is also a ground floor direct sales company with only 30,000 Designers nationwide!  With this much potential, there is so much opportunity to really grow your business.
Did you know there are TWO ways to earn a living with Origami Owl®?  First, you can sell beautiful jewelry directly through your website or by hosting Jewelry Bars and earning commission.  Secondly, you can earn commission by mentoring and growing a successful team.  Origami Owl® Designers can choose to focus on different aspects of their business. Some Designers focus entirely on selling product, and don’t want to worry about building a team, some only want to focus on building a large successful team and don’t want to sell as much, and then some focus on both equally.  However you decide to run your Origami Owl®business is up to you, there are MANY successful designers making a living either way, it just comes down to personal preference.  Whether you are joining Origami Owl® for the designer discount, or interested in building a large team, it all depends on you and how you want to run your business. 

If you’re looking for a full-time career or just a little extra money on the side, Origami Owl® is the perfect choice for you! I have heard so many amazing stories from fellow Designers about how Origami Owl® has changed their lives for the better and so many of them are now living their dreams!

Joining Origami Owl® and Team Hoot Mamas is so easy! Email me at and ask how you can become a part of my team. For only $149, you will receive all the products, supplies and training you need to start your Origami Owl® business. In no time at all, you’ll be planning Jewelry Bars, earning commission checks and I will be there to support you every step of the way.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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